Did M Pigneguy choose Classique to write a complaint about?

Did M Pigneguy single out Classique to write a complaint about?
Keith Ingram, editor of Professional Skipper Magazine created a Roll of Dishonour  for Classique in his magazine,  Phillip Wardale Manager of Bayswater Marina  trespassed Classique from his marina as he didn’t want to be seen by his charter yacht berth holders to be assisting Classique & M Pigneguy was not only a contributing author  to Professional Skipper Magazine where he published his unprofessional & inaccurate article about Classique but also he was the ex chairman of the Charter Yacht Association – these would be the top 3 vigilante candidates taking it upon themselves to police Classique’s operations.

M Pigneguy was asked by Bolton – “ What was your purpose in reporting the incident you created? Did it have to do with the background of your association with Ingram & Wardale & the objection you had with my previous crewing arrangements ?”

Of course in true M Pigneguy fashion, he sidestepped that question by saying  –
“Under maritime rules I’m obliged to report to Maritime New Zealand any close quarters incident . Finish.”

To that, one might nod a head with an understandable – “Yeah Right”

M Pigneguy had just been telling Bolton perhaps less than an hour previously –
“It happens every day out there, there’s people crossing our bow all the time, every day, on the hour trip we can have 6 people each hour doing that.”

That was his excuse for not using his VHF radio to alert Classique, why he left his signaling until Seaway was 80 mtrs away & how he was expert at the impossible signaling of 2 series of 5 blasts with an interval in between & afterwards for Classique to react –he said he could do it all in the 10 seconds available with Seaway travelling at 15.5 kts –

“Yeah Right” again.

So M Pigneguy probably doesn’t write reports to Maritime New Zealand for all these incidents, as he says he’s obliged to do – he more likely recognized Classique as he turned at Sth Motuihe towards her & arranged with his trainee watchkeeper Phillip Sweetman to manufacture a close quarters & pedantically photograph it for the specific purpose of getting Bolton prosecuted for a close quarters in the event, Keith Ingram, Phillip Wardale & himself hadn’t been able to have Maritime New Zealand prosecute Bolton for his crewing arrangements.
A reasonable explanation for the alacrity with which Maritime New Zealand under pressure from Keith Ingram & Phillip Wardale, took M Pigneguy’s unfeasible & impossible claim, disregarding all evidence that Bolton was not guilty.

 Alacrity – Cheerful readiness or promptitude. Briskness.
M Pigneguy got lucky.

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