Another Part Of M Pigneguy’s Claim Is About A Puff Of Smoke

Another Part Of M Pigneguy’s Claim Is About A Puff Of Smoke
Thinking he could make things look bad for Classique as she crossed ahead of Seaway, M Pigneguy wrote in his claim that he saw a cloud of dark smoke appear astern  of Classique as she accelerated  away.

Bolton asked him – “How on earth could you see Classique visibly accelerating?
You’ve made a point of that & you’ve said there was a black cloud of exhaust smoke as a result of its accelerating away.”

M Pigneguy  replies – “It certainly looked like that because you weren’t making smoke on the approach but at that point in time a cloud of smoke appeared out the stern & then usually in my experience with engines, if you give it a burst of power when you’ve just been doing an ordinary speed, you give it an extra burst of of power it is not unusual for a cloud of smoke to come out of the exhaust.”

Bolton – “You’ve already explained you wouldn’t expect to see Classique visibly increasing her speed & I’m saying I didn’t touch my throttle-“

M Pigneguy –“Well at that point it doesn’t matter what speed you’re doing because I had stopped my vessel & you were past my bow, so you could’ve stopped whatever – it just looked like you were increasing speed.”

After Bolton read  in the claim of this attempt being made to improperly  implicate Classique, he met the Harbourmaster boat  crew out on the harbour to do a test of what would happen if the throttle was put hard down – there was absolutely no change from its usual clear transparent steam & water exhaust apart from it perhaps being blown further aft. This colour that might have been seen, could’ve been just the grey dinghy being towed on the other side of the steam & it’s highly unlikely that a 45 ton yacht could be seen to change speed over a short distance.  All these finer points seem be beyond M Pigneguy’s ability to figure  especially the one about Seaway stopping. These are deliberate fabrications or purjurious statements which  are calculated to fool Judge Davis into thinking something untoward was going on but why M Pigneguy would say these untruths to Bolton who was there at the time of the incident & can categorically say they didn’t happen is only a reflection on how artificially his claim was manufactured.


M Pigneguy’s Red Herring isn’t worth a tin of fish – he didn’t stop to think ?

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