Judge Davis Forgot About Two Vigilantes Bolton Subpoenaed

Judge Davis Forgot About Two Vigilantes Bolton Subpoenaed
Judge Davis wrongly rejected there was any “conspiracy.” In his summing up, referring to the evidence of Bolton …
” He (Bolton) suggested in court that there was a conspiracy by members in the maritime fraternity to bring this prosecution against him, notwithstanding the witnesses for the prosecution did not know either of the conspirators Mr Bolton suggested had put the witness up to the prosecution”

Whether they are conspirators or vigilantes it amounts to the same description of this known trio of Keith Ingram editor of Professional Skipper Magazine who created his Roll of Dishonour for Classique, Phillip Wardale manager of Bayswater Marina who trespassed Classique on behalf of his charter yacht berth holders & M Pigneguy who was ex Charter Yacht Association chairman, contributing author to Professional Skipper Magazine & personal friend of Keith Ingram – of course there was a familiarity amongst this trio.

Further more Bolton had subpoenaed Keith Ingram & Phillip Wardale to appear in Court to verify their active antagonism to Bolton’s “Cost Share Crew Concept” which appears to be at the bottom of this ridiculously manufactured close quarters claim of M Pigneguy’s.

Phillip Wardale had for years, notified Maritime New Zealand immediately Bolton booked space in Bayswater Marina before loading his crews for overseas diving voyages or other trips.
Ian Howden & sometimes he with Jim Lott would be out to Classique at her mooring often as soon as Bolton had got back from the marina office, to question Bolton’s intentions. Then when Classique moved into a marina berth,Ian Howden invariably would be onboard interviewing each participating crew member as to whether they understood their status as crew & accepted their contributions as reasonable. Not only that but when Classique arrived back, Ian Howden would go to each person’s home where-ever in New Zealand they lived, to question them as to what they did & where they went. Nothing was ever untoward & Maritime New Zealand was always satisfied there was no infringement of Maritime Rules but that wasn’t enough for the self appointed Charter Police trio who had been pressuring Maritime New Zealand to prosecute Bolton. Keith Ingram had written in his Professional Skipper Magazine about his impatience with Maritime New Zealand & Phillip Wardale was particularly frustrated.

It was for this reason Bolton subpoenaed both Keith Ingram & Phillip Wardale to voice their antagonism & let the court know there was more to this prosecution than M Pigneguy’s unfeasible claim.

On the 1st day of the hearing Keith Ingram had sent in a letter saying how busy he was & could he be excused on the grounds of short notice etc. Phillip Wardale actually turned up & by lunch time, assisted by Mark Davies of Crown Law, he had also been excused.

What has not been recognized anywhere, is the complaint registered with the clerk of the Court regarding a conversation between Phillip Wardale & 2 other witnesses waiting to be heard.
On his arrival, Phillip Wardale was very vocal about Bolton. Wardale verbally celebrated that Bolton was before the Court, he wrongly assumed the 2 witnesses  present, represented the prosecution case. He engaged Phillip Sweetman in conversation, loudly exclaiming “It’s time we got that pest Bolton off the harbour.” At this point the other witness waiting to be heard, Anne Shirley, reminded both that waiting witnesses were not to discuss the case. The evident antagonism from the witness Wardale was reported immediately to the clerk of the Court, who later advised Ms Shirley that Judge Davis had been informed & would take this into consideration.
Shortly after the lunch break, Ms Shirley was surprised to hear from Mark Davies, that Phillip Wardale had also been excused from Court attendance.

This clearly demonstrates that Judge Davis was ignoring what had been an important component of the background to this unreasonable case against Bolton – obviously a concerted effort & “litany of lies”

 The pests Judge Davis forgot are the real menace on the waterfront.



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