Court Is Subject to 3.75 Hours of Ian Howden’s Interview DVD

The Court Is Subject to 3¾  Hours of Ian Howden’s Interview DVD
The Interview of Bolton by Ian Howden  & Jim Lott was recorded  at Maritime New Zealand’s offices a couple of weeks after the inane claim was made by M Pigneguy.  It took  2½ hours of  3 persons time to make & 3½  of the full Court’s time to laboriously wade through it.

The recording was stopped repeatedly to explain to Judge Davis the basics of what was being talked about – when  he would say for instance “It looks to me & I’m going to embarrass myself quite considerably with , again, further evidence of my lack of nautical knowledge & terminology.”
What was being referred to in photos & charts – whether lines were pencil, purple or made by a printer, running from top to bottom or somewhere else . Was the “shore”, North shore?  “Can I just check – when he says that’s 36 degrees, we start off on the left hand column there’s  a 36 degrees mark, there’s a line going straight across to the – I can’t even tell whether it’s north, south, east or west but the top tip, shall we say of Motuihe Island, is that the line that you’re referring to?”  …
“Mr Howden, were those references to ‘when I saw it back here’ & ‘we were about here’ are those 2 ‘heres’ of significance? Sorry – they may well be of significance, can you recall where those 2  ‘heres’ were?
Ian Howden “No sir, Again, Mr Bolton as I recall, was just pointing to the chart but I can’t recall specifically the exact positions, given the time involved”

Bolton wasn’t given the chance to clarify for Judge Davis that he had seen Seaway first at a position East of Motuihe as it was proceeding from Waiheke & Classique was coming across the Northern side of Browns Island heading towards the Browns Island light. At that time there was almost 4 nmiles separation between Classique & Seaway & the 2 “heres” referred to the positions of the 2 vessels at that time of first recognition.

Given Judge Davis’ lack of nautical knowledge, he must’ve been none the wiser after all that charade probably put on by Ian Howden to  waste Court time & purposely take advantage of a district court Judge out of his area of expertise. The forum which Maritime New Zealand was legally required to notify was TAIC – Transport Accident Investigation Commission – not so easily Bamboozled.

This might take some explanation too ?




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