Hired gun, Barry Young Is Set up By Mark Davies Crown Law

Hired gun, Barry Young Is Set up By Mark Davies Crown Law
when he asks – “In terms of the requirement then in rule 2.16, has there been any indication from what you’ve seen in relation to Photo 1 & Photo 2?”
Mark Davies, Crown Law who knows nothing about Maritime Rules has been probably fed this by Ian Howden of Maritime New Zealand.

The question is a nonsense because Rule 22.16 doesn’t apply but in Maritime NewZealand’s scheme of their unwarranted prosecution, they want to fool Judge Davis who doesn’t know the difference & Barry Young knows he’s got to play along to earn his payment so he consequently replies –
“No, & in fact at that stage in Photo 2, Classique has already left it a bit late to start doing something to carry out its obligations.”

More nonsense, as Classique is ahead of Seaway & would’ve been further across or on the other side of Seaway if M Pigneguy hadn’t continued to turn towards the path of Classique. Classique has no obligations apart from keeping its course & speed as Seaway should’ve done from the outset.
Mark Davies & Barry Young, although they should know Maritime Collision Regulations, have acted as if they are in complete ignorance but it suits their intention to get Bolton Prosecuted regardless of the facts of the case.
Barry Young is set up by Mark Davies
M Pigneguy if he did think he was a stand-on vessel, is now relieved of any obligation to be bound by Rule 22.16 which never applied at any stage, especially considering it was M Pigneguy violating Maritime Collision Regulations by turning in the direction of Classique’s path & then attempting to invoke the stand-on vessel when it happened due to his own negligence.

                                       Barry Young is set up by Mark Davies
Barry Young is set up by Mark Davies2014-08-23_1925

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