The Brief of Evidence, provided by M Pigneguy

The Brief of Evidence, provided by M Pigneguy, raised questions as to whether… 1: Classique was seen at 30* on the ferry’s Port bow or 5* ? 2: The reliability of a Relative Bearing to assess risk of collision when a straight course by the ferry is not maintained. 3: Considering the ferry was traveling at 15 kts & Classique at 7kts would there be risk of collision if both vessels kept their courses & speed. 4: What is the definition of “Course & Speed” ? 5: Would the ferry normally turn at Browns Isand without there being a crossing situation ? 6: Would the ferry pass astern of Classique if the ferry kept her course & speed ?

From Sth Motuihe, 30* off port bow is unrealistic if Classique is sighted Nth of Browns Island2014-01-10_1234

A Relative Bearing to a target is relative to the centreline of the vessel taking the bearing.2014-01-10_1258

A stay or some projection on his vessel is often used by a skipper for his Relative Bearing taking
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A course & speed is what a vessel is doing or would normally be expected to do whether it’s straight or not – eg. going round a river bend or stopping to pick up a pilot.
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If both vessels keep their course & speed, there will be a safe passing starboard to starboard with no crossing at all. If the ferry makes a straight course she will cross astern of Classique as Classique moves forward.No_Crossing

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