Barry Young & Mark Davies Pervert The Course Of Justice

Barry Young & Mark Davies  Pervert The Course Of Justice
Mark Davies of Crown Law, Meredith Connell Auckland has set the stage for Barry Young to act as Hired Gun in the pay of Maritime New Zealand, although he is the purported Expert Witness sworn to assist the Court.
After getting Barry Young to give the answers Maritime New Zealand wanted regarding Photos 1, 2, & 3, Mark Davies has a last question to ask by way of set up – “Just finally on that rule, is there a subsection 4 in Rule 22.17?”

Barry Young replies –“Yes, the last part of that rule says this rule does not relieve the give-way vessel which in this case is Classique of its obligation to keep out of the way.”
Mark Davies wants more – “Do you have any comment to make about the application of that to the facts of this case?”

Barry Young is now practiced in responding without regard for his status as sworn Expert Witness to assist the Court & gives a response typical of a Hired Gun for Maritime New Zealand – “It’s simply that it would be very difficult for the give-way vessel to argue that the stand-on vessel was in some way at fault & to use that as an excuse for it not taking the action that it should’ve taken.”
Barry Young has deliberately ignored the evidence seen in the Photos 1, 2, & 3 as well as the evidence given by Bolton from the outset, to Maritime New Zealand & Mark Davies, Crown Law who should’ve been able to advise Maritime New Zealand, that –

1: It is not at all difficult for Classique, who was not a give-way vessel, to state positively that Seaway, which was not a stand-on vessel, was entirely at fault & indeed caused either advertently or inadvertently, the situation complained of.
2: Classique has no need for excuses, she was rightfully continuing on her course, maintaining her speed & monitoring the rogue Seaway for any further encroachment which was reducing the 460 mtr clearance which existed before Seaway began steering above its stated course of 286 degrees True.

It is an abuse of Court Process for Mark Davies & Barry Young to be acting without regard for their professional ethics with the aim of prosecuting the wrong skipper on behalf of Maritime New Zealand.
Barry Young & Mark Davies Pervert The Course Of Justice

“Your company has a massive corruption problem” – “1000 bucks if you don’t pass it on”
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