Ridiculous Set up of Barry Young by Mark Davies Concludes

Ridiculous Set up of Barry Young by Mark Davies Concludes
Mark Davies, Crown Law, Meredith Connell, Auckland, continues to milk the public purse by leading Barry Young to prostitute himself further by bringing in an exercise Barry Young & Ian Howden had conceived to estimate the amount of clearance Seaway had from Classique at Photo 3 –
“I just want to deal with the calculations to just give the Judge a little bit of an explanation as to how you came about calculating the distance of aprox 18 mtrs between Seaway & Classique that we can see in photo 3. Perhaps just by reference to your Appendix 3 & the Photos that appear in the book if you’d just explain to His Honour the approach it took to make that determination.”

This way of introducing a topic is unethical for a start –
1: We cannot see 18 mtrs clearance in photo 3 between Seaway & Classique. Reality is distorted by M Pigneguy’s zooming of Photo 3
2: Appendix 3 has nothing to do with photo 3 – it’s about Sound Signaling equipment which Seaway was failing to comply in having & using appropriately.
3: The Harbour Master’s office had determined the clearance was 50 – 80 mtrs
4: Observation from Classique had determined 50 – 80 mtrs
Barry Young dutifully goes through the futile waste of time & resources he & Ian Howden went through to calculate the clearance & discounted that M Pigneguy had zoomed Photo 3 to make the clearance appear less than reality at the time.
Their entire exercise fails & their calculation is invalid for these reasons –
(A): The stub pole on Seaway said to be against the hull of Classique is found on enlargement to be several mtrs away.
(B): Seaway was unladen & its ramp supported onshore when Barry Young & Ian Howden went out to Half Moon Bay to view Seaway at its depot.
(C): Seaway was stationary
(D): The beach Ian Howden was standing on was sloping upwards – not equating with the sea level of photo 3.
(E): The variables are sufficient to render this exercise of no value
(F): The clearance regardless of whether it’s close or not was manufactured by M Pigneguy to his satisfaction with the incremental turning of Seaway towards the path of Classique
(G): It was observed from Classique at the time by Bolton & crew to be 50 -80 mtrs – that is safe clearance in a harbour locality & not dangerous as Barry Young in his role as Hired gun for Maritime New Zealand would have Judge Davis believe.
(H): This Ridiculous Set up of Barry Young by Mark Davies Concludes – Barry Young is now left on his own to face cross-examination.

Barry Young has been set up by Mark Davies to fool Judge Davis.
How long can dishonesty & lack of ethics hoodwink the Judge?
Set up of Barry Young by Mark Davies2014-08-28_2044

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