Cross-examination of Barry Young by Bolton Begins.

Cross-examination of Barry Young by Bolton Begins.
Judge Davis says to Bolton –“I want you to deal with technical matters with Mr Young & technical matters alone… the charts & diagrams which are in evidence, can be discussed with him.”

Bolton describes how he took the 3 Photos M Pigneguy provided, the main chart of the area & the small chart provided by M Pigneguy with his turning point at Sth Motuihe & theoretical  track leading to Browns Island showing the alleged point of incident.

On the large chart, the Sth Motuihe turning point was marked & a line of 286 degrees True was drawn from it to a location on the white cliffs ahead of Classique in Photo 1.
A line drawn to the tall Sentinal building read 292 deg True.
A line drawn from Sky Tower using the compass direction shown in Photo 1 came through a tight gap between Browns Island & Browns Light.
This position line from Sky Tower intersected a transit line from the tall Sentinal building which came over the reef at the Western Headland of Rangitoto.
As the position line from Sky Tower was also held tightly between Browns Island & its Light, it became a second transit intersecting the transit from the Sentinal.
The point of intersect gives accurately, the position of Seaway at the taking of Photo 1 – using features clearly identifiable in the enlarged Photos.

After this exercise to determine course & location where Seaway was when  Photo 1 was taken by M Pigneguy …
Judge Davis asks – “Mr Bolton, have you got a question for the witness in all of this? You’re describing what you’ve done & how you’ve created these charts, what I’m really interested to get to is have you got a question of this witness about this evidence?” Cross-examination of Barry Young by Bolton Begins.

A highly developed diagram plotted on a chart with latitudes & longitudes
Cross-examination of Barry Young by BoltonSkyWke1




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