Prevaricating Perpetuated By Barry Young …

Prevaricating Perpetuated By Barry Young …
In cross-examination by Bolton over what is obscured by Seaway’s windscreen frame work, Barry Young continues to mislead Judge Davis instead of  being a help to the Court according to his Code of Conduct as a sworn Expert Witness.

Bolton has shown with photo clear of obstruction, what is hidden by the windscreen frame work & off the side of
Photo 1. Barry Young who is expected to know what he’s talking about says –
“Yes, we’ve definitely got Sky Tower but in order to use that to obtain a fix we need – in the same way that you use the argument for Sentinel Building with the end of Rangitoto giving us a transit, I agree with that entirely, then if you want to use Sky Tower then you must have something else in transit with that to give you a second position line.”
This is navigationally incorrect & Judge Davis is none the wiser that with 1 transit, another transit is not required at all but with a compass bearing from Sky Tower intersecting that 1st transit, an accurate fix/location is obtained.

Bolton was using the gap between the light & Browns Island through which the view of Sky Tower is taken. On a chart the reef coming out from Browns Island leaves no room to move, it holds tight a position line from Sky Tower enabling it to also be a transit but Barry Young remains stubbornly resistant.
“The gap doesn’t show on the photo Mr Bolton. I wanted to use that myself but I discounted it because it does not show on the photos.”
What he probably meant was that he didn’t want to use it because it would’ve identified the location of Seaway at the taking of Photo 1 & he didn’t want to.
Barry Young continues to talk navigational nonsense – “You’re assuming that Browns Island light is behind that window frame & I don’t think that we can make that assumption.”
Bolton was incredulous – “You don’t need to assume anything because of the way in which I can view from this position through Classique’s windscreen & Barry Young or anyone else who’s out there can see that the feature of North Head with Browns Light in line, is hidden by Seaway’s Framework. With Sky Tower viewed in relation to Takapuna, it’s obvious that Browns Island is unshown in Photo 1 but to outside to the left of it.

Barry Young must be an absolutely hopeless navigator or deliberately misleading Judge Davis when he says – “I did go out there Mr Bolton, in my own boat to have a look at what was in the 3 photos supplied by the ferry which is what we’re basing a lot of this on & I wasn’t able to determine, from that photo 1 that we’ve been looking at where either Browns Island or Browns Light was, so I discounted that from anything that I have done in providing my brief.”
For Barry Young with his purported qualifications to act so dishonestly is abusing the Court process in order to advance Maritime New Zealand’s case in his role as their Hired Gun.

Apart from the 3 Photos, M Pigneguy had also provided his chart with Seaway’s track & point of alleged incident which Barry Young had in front of him. Barry Young had been told by Maritime New Zealand that Photo 1 had been taken .5 nmile from Photo 3. From that location it is straight forward to determine where Browns Island & Light is. Furthermore a line can be drawn from Sky Tower between Browns Island & Light to intersect Seaway’s track drawn by M Pigneguy to determine where Photo 1 was taken from.
Bolton asks Barry Young to follow the coastline from Takapuna to Sky Tower & accept that North Head & Browns Light have to be between what can be seen in Photo 1 & Sky Tower & can therefore determine what is obscured.

Barry Young persistently impenitent continues – “No, they could be out of the picture somewhere or, you know, it’s because they aren’t on the photos, I’m not comfortable with them to base anything on. It would be better to base our assumptions on what you can actually see in the photos & measure off the chart.” This apparent uncomfortable incompetence of Barry Young continues

An authentic navigational superimposition of a clear view over Photo 1
also shown to Barry Young who unprofessionally & unethically rejects this method.
Prevaricating  Perpetuated  By Barry Young,JJoy'sWText

M Pigneguy’s chart with Seaway’s track & alleged point of incident back from which .5 nmile can be measured to determine location  of Photo1.
Prevaricating  Perpetuated  By Barry Young,FullChart










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