Barry Young Brings His Profession Into Disrepute …

Barry Young Brings His Profession Into Disrepute …
with his reluctant attitude to Bolton’s reasoned navigational plotting.
Bolton explains how – “I have been able to lay on a chart, latitudes & Longitudes, a precise starting point & from that I’ve been able to blow up to increasing sizes, these 2 & I’ve been able to show how the ferry has started here & at some point, he was on 286* but when we’ve seen him lining up with the big building & we can see from this position here, as he’s coming along, he’s 292* & that is, I think a valid point because at some stage he was on 286*, prior to the taking of the 1st Photo. So by the time he’s taken the 1st Photo, he’s on 292*, just for a start. Now this is where I’ve laid off my route, because I was coming to a point just North of the high point of Motuihe & I was reasonably close to the Light, coming from Auckland, I’ve got a reasonable course in the vicinity of 80* & because the ferry was coming from Kennedy point at the time of my 1st sighting, I had to be somewhere along there to sight above Browns Island to see Seaway over there. (about 3 nmiles away) … In the event that we’re both coming along on reciprocal courses at that stage …”
Barry Young breaks in with – “Not quite reciprocal course, Mr Bolton because you were at about 30* to his course, as far as I can make out.”
Bolton points out that prior to Sth Motuihe, the 2 vessels were on reciprocal courses & the after Seaway turned at Sth Motuihe the approach became 30*.
Bolton continues – “The channel across to the Motuihe anchorage is about 2 nmiles wide. So to start with, I see the ferry approaching Sth Motuihe & I know he’s going to come to Browns Island. At that point Classique is travelling at 7 kts which is about half as fast as Seaway. In the distance he’s travelled from 3 nmiles back, then Classique is going to travel about 1.4 nmiles in the same time & by the time Seaway has come to Sth Motuihe, Classique has passed Browns Light.” This is accepted so far by Barry Young but he objects as to 292* when Bolton describes how –“Seaway came onto his course of 286* but at some point by the time M Pigneguy took Photo 1, Seaway’s line-up was with the Sentinel building & that’s 292*”
Barry Young reads from M Pigneguy’s evidence that “he actually uses the Sentinel building as a mark that he steers on in order to make that course of aprox 286*” It now is obvious that M Pigneguy’s figure was not checked.
Bolton had used the compass rose on the chart to find that 286* to the Nth Shore was heading to the white cliffs in the vicinity of where Classique appears in Photo 1. Not only that but Bolton had also verified that course with his GPS when replicating with Classique, Seaway’s passage from Sth Motuihe.
(M Pigneguy had no verification that he was on 286*, Phillip Sweetman didn’t check the course either)
Bolton expands his finding to calculate that if Seaway had been on 286* at Photo 1 (earlier M Pigneguy said he’d been on 284*) Classique would’ve only had to travel 37 mtrs to cross Seaway’s path which it could do in 9 seconds but Seaway would take 2.3 minutes to cover its distance from Classique – there was no risk of collision at that point of or before Photo 1. “Now when M Pigneguy’s taken the 2nd Photo he’s at 295* & Classique has progressed further & this is where my interest in him increases because he’s now starting to come more towards me as from the stage of the 1st Photo.”

Barry Young is getting the picture ? – “so you’re suggesting, the whole point of what you’re saying seems to be that the ferry was actually turning to starboard during this whole period.”
Bolton agreed – “He was turning to starboard, yes & I’ve shown this course because he wouldn’t come around Sth Motuihe & just suddenly turn, he would just do the natural course” (changing of course from 260* to 284 or 286*)

Rather unfortunate that this diagram made on A3 size paper hasn’t scanned retaining its legibility.

Barry Young Brings His Profession Into Disrepute, Left&RightPlotting

Barry Young Brings His Profession Into Disrepute …
with his reluctant attitude to Bolton’s reasoned navigational plotting.

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