Barry Young Obstructs Clear Navigational Information

Barry Young Obstructs Clear Navigational Information
During cross-examination Bolton covers the situation as Classique is leaving Browns Island area as Seaway, after it turned at Sth Motuihe, is getting from 260* to 286*& if it had stayed on 286* as Classique proceeded, Classique would’ve had only 37 mtrs to travel to cross ahead of Seaway which would’ve been 0.5 nmiles away at Photo 1.
If Seaway had been on its earlier 284*, Classique would’ve already been ahead at Photo 1 – but M Pigneguy had been discussing with Phillip Sweetman as from Sth Motuihe the exercise of recording on camera the close quarters he was in the process of creating, so it suited his purpose as a pedantic holder of a grudge against recreational boaters & Bolton in particular, to continue to turn towards the path of Classique.
This is too much for Barry Young who is having his story spoiled in front of Judge Davis, so he objects – “Mr Bolton, we’ve established that you didn’t actually have any positions of your vessel at that time so you can’t say that you had 37 mtrs or any amount to travel to clear him because you weren’t fixing your position at the time. The only position that I’ve heard in the whole incident which was 020 from Browns Light at .25 nmile & that’s the only position that I’ve worked with throughout because that’s the only time that anybody took a position & that’s all we can work with.”
Bolton reminds Barry Young that M Pigneguy’s 020 x 0.25 position of incident was not taken at the time but worked out later back in Auckland to provide Phillip Sweetman details in the event of a prosecution.
As for Barry Young negating Bolton’s plotting, he’s acting as if he’s unrealistically incapable as a navigator but fulfilling his role as a Hired Gun for Maritime New Zealand’s prosecution.
By way of explanation –
1: It is easy to take a bearing from where Seaway turned at Sth Motuihe & see that 286 degrees True goes to the white cliffs just ahead of Classique’s fore stay
2: Another bearing towards Classique, determines she’s on 281*
3: Classique would’ve been only 5* off to Seaway’s port side if Seaway had been on 286*
4: Classique’s course from Auckland of 80* was known to Barry Young & it was easy to work out the distance Classique would travel to be ahead of Seaway if it had been on 286*
5: With .5nmile for Seaway to travel, Classique would’ve crossed over safely.
6: Seaway’s position at Photo 1 is precisely fixed because of the bearing/transit from Sky Tower intersecting the Transit from the Sentinel building.
Judge Davis interjects – “Well this witness has not agreed with you at all that the position is fixed when you say it is agreed, in fact it’s incredibly in dispute. Mr Young doesn’t agree with you on that point. As I understand your evidence Mr Young?” Barry Young confirms.
Bolton – “Well it’s almost self-evident for anyone to work out for themselves.”
Judge Davis –“Other than Mr Young.”
Bolton is moving on – “I can’t account for Mr Young’s reply, so I’ll leave it.”
It’s unfortunate that Judge Davis hasn’t any nautical understanding of the technical points Bolton has been describing & is relying on Barry Young to be honest in his role as Expert witness sworn to be helpful to the Court.

Judge Davis was relying on Barry Young to be honest
in his role as Expert witness sworn to be helpful to the Court.
Barry Young Obstructs Clear Navigational Information,2014-09-04_2116

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