Barry Young Misleads The Court In Bolton’s Cross-examination

Barry Young Misleads The Court In Bolton’s Cross-examination
He’s heard from Bolton how at the time of taking Photo 1, Classique was bearing 281* from the ferry which was now on 292* & not on 286* which would’ve been close to Classique’s fore stay by the white cliffs.
Barry Young – “What is not clear is just where you are in Relation. We know that the ferry was on, roughly those headings because we can see from the Sentinel building & the end of Rangitoto. What is very difficult for me to estimate, & I honestly don’t think it matters, is just where you are in relation to the ferry. We can clearly see from the Photos that the ferry is on your starboard bow, there’s no dispute about that. We can clearly see from the photos that you are on the ferry’s port bow in photo 1 & that’s all that matters quite honestly.” (Honesty doesn’t seem to be of any concern when it doesn’t suit)
Bolton amplifies – “Well it does matter that we have a ferry that says he’s on 286*, when he’s on 292* & I can tell I’m on 281*. In the time he travels
0.5 nmile especially if he’d stayed on 286*, I’d already have crossed his bow by the time the next photo was taken, so we’re talking about a situation here, which is pre-risk of collision. I’ve seen Seaway come around Sth Motuihe & it’s now starting to close in on me when I knew I had plenty of room to begin with.
I’ve been able to put in where I was at the taking of his 2nd Photo, where my 2nd position was because it was more or less on his line of 292*.
Transposing from the view on the ferry’s 3rd Photo, I can lay that off & I can see that I’d passed it, so I’m now above 297*. With Latitudes & Longitudes to work with & precise measurements, I can measure distances & courses.”
Barry Young seems to have put in no navigational effort to plot positions but comes up with an excuse which is not even founded on reliable information –
“You cannot get precise positions of the vessels during the incident in relation to Latitude & Longitude. There is no information that we have from either vessel as to exactly where the 2 vessels were, in terms of Lat & Lon during the incident, apart from the bearing & distance at the time of the incident”
Bolton reminds Barry Young that – “We have from Mr Pigneguy our clearance at the 1st Photo of about half a nmile?”
Barry Young misconstrues to suit himself – “It sort of sets the tone for how far you were away & how much time you had to do something, yes”
Bolton shows that he had plotted a separation of 0.5 nmile at Photo 1 which Barry Young tries to negate by questioning – “From where though? From what position?” He remains unimpressed that Bolton had worked that out before M Pigneguy & Maritime New Zealand told the Court, confirming that he had plotted Classique to be 0.5 nmile away on a bearing of 281* from Seaway.
Barry Young wastes Court time by prevaricating unnecessarily over how Bolton can determine precisely positions & bearings when all he can do is repeat that all he knows is that Classique was on Seaway’s port bow with about half a nmile separation at Photo 1 being “anywhere on the chart… all you can say is that you were lined up with the white cliffs in the background behind you at Photo 1 … we are not able to fix positions”
This seems like deliberate obfuscation to hoodwink Judge Davis – Barry Young is ignoring what can be done out on the water with ship’s compass, hand bearing compass, GPS & visual before detailed work on a chart with compass rose & navigational plotting equipment which Barry Young with his purported experience should be familiar with. Judge Davis is now concerned about time.

                                                 Barry Young has a problem facing navigational reality
Barry Young Misleads The Court In Bolton's Cross-examination,2014-09-05_2123

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