Further questions arise out of the Brief of Evidence of M Pigneguy

Further questions arise out of the Brief of Evidence of M Pigneguy – 1: he said each series of blasts were sounded on Seaway’s whistle but the evidence shown in court was a handheld aerosol type of emergency horn small boats might keep handy (An appropriate ferry sized horn is required, in a prominent position, with adequate audibility to be heard by the other vessel over ambient engine noise in its wheelhouse at a range of 1 nautical mile (Col Regs Appendix 3) 2: The 1st 5 blasts were said to be sounded aprox 80 mtrs away from Classique & the action repeated several times ? When the Ferry was said to be traveling at 15.5 kts, the time to cover that distance is about 10 seconds. As each blast is required to be of a second’s duration with an appropriate interval between each series of blasts, giving time for the other vessel to respond – it would not be possible for those signals to have been given in that time. 3: The 1st photo of Classique was taken at the time of the 1st horn blast ? This conflicts with the appearance of Classique in the 1st photo – rather than 80 mtrs she looks more like 1/2 a nmile away. 4: Whether there were several series of blasts or just the 2nd series of soundings at photo 2 is of no consequence – MNZ took the horn for testing – it had no specifications as to audibility & it was found to be inaudible at 1/2 a mile being the distance at photo 1 & inaudible probably at photo 2 also.

A nautical mile is 1852 mtrs – A land mile is 1609.3 mtrs
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15.5 knots = covering 15.5 nautical miles in 1 hour
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Speed = distance divided by time taken to cover that distance
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