Photo 3 Is Zoomed, Judge Davis Has Reality Distorted

Photo 3 Is Zoomed, Judge Davis Has Reality Distorted
He asks Bolton – “In your view, is Photo 3 a close quarter situation?”
Bolton replies – “From our view on Classique there was 50 to 80 mtrs clearance & could’ve even been more according to the photos that were taken subsequently using a measured distance back at Classique’s mooring … it didn’t appear as a close quarter situation & that’s why I looked at that Photo 3, immediately saying because it’s a zoomed up photo, it’s not a true representation of our experience”
Judge Davis doesn’t seem to understand the effects of zooming a photo – “Well it is a true representation isn’t it, because it’s a photo. The question is what interpretation should one put on it.”
Bolton – “It’s not on the same scale as the previous two.”
Judge Davis – “Yes but all that is a zoom lens going in & out.”
Bolton – “And that has the effect of drawing things together & not seeing them as they would have at a normal focal length.”
Judge Davis just wants an answer as to whether Photo 3 is a close quarter situation & gets annoyed so Bolton can only reiterate – “It looks like that that on the photo but it was not in reality.”
Judge Davis is not satisfied – “What about is it a situation where there is risk of collision?”
Bolton elaborates – “At that point no. The point has passed because of the 25 degree angle of approach, there is no risk of collision there, he’s already passing me quite ok, no risk of collision there at all.”
Although Judge Davis said – “Thank you, I understand your evidence I think. Please carry on if there’s more you’d like to say.” – it was not at all apparent that the effect of zooming was understood but Bolton carried on with further evidence found as a result of discovering M Pigneguy had surreptitiously zoomed Photo 3 which gave a closer view of proximity.

3 examples of the effect of zooming a photograph giving quite different impressions of reality
Photo 3 Is Zoomed, Judge Davis Has Reality Distorted, 2014-09-14_1929

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