Barry Young Misleads Judge Davis About Seaway ll ‘Yawing’

Barry Young Misleads Judge Davis About Seaway ll ‘Yawing’
Bolton had been describing to Judge Davis how Seaway had turned incrementally from its earlier course of 286* as from Sth Motuihe & had been on a course of 292* at the taking of Photo 1.

Judge Davis – “Well that’s your evidence isn’t it. Mr Young said that the ‘yawing’ was at 2.4 degrees according to his calculations. What I understand Mr Young’s evidence to have been is that that would be well within the margin that one would consider ‘Yawing’ & he was quite unequivocal that in his view the change in course was only 2.4 degrees?”
Bolton explains – “Yawing is the up & down of a course, averaging out to be a straight course – not an incremental course change in one direction.”
Furthermore Barry Young as a purported expert helping the Court, would have to be deliberately perverting the course of justice –
1: to call ‘Yaw,’ the one directional course change by M Pigneguy  towards the path of Classique. He would know as well as Bolton, that there can be no ‘Yaw’ in absolutely flat conditions – no wind, waves or tidal current.
2: to give Judge Davis an erroneously calculated figure of 2.4 degrees of course change (half the actual amount) which he worked out only from between Photo 1 & 3 which amounted to the last 0.5 nmiles out of more than 2 nmiles from Sth Motuihe.
3: to not admit Seaway had turned from 260* before Sth Motuihe to 284* & then 286* according to M Pigneguy’s evidence as it began heading towards Classique positioned near Browns Island.
4: to not be professionally  honest in his calculations. Barry Young would have to include the degrees Seaway turned once it began heading towards Classique before taking Photo 1.
5: So from 284* to 292*at Photo 1 is 8 degrees & 6 degrees from 286*.  Seaway turned from 292* to 297* within Photos 1 & 3 which is 5 degrees, not Barry Young’s 2.4 degrees.
6: From 284* to 297* is 13 degrees of turning
From 286* to 297* is 11 degrees of turning towards the path of Classique – definitely not ‘Yaw’ which would mean Seaway would have to have swung the other way an equal amount which is nonsense considering ‘yawing’ happens over a short distance  determined mainly by wave or swell height – no wave no ‘Yaw’

Yawing is a dishonest description of the one directional turning made by M Pigneguy towards the path of Classique.
Barry Young Misleads Judge Davis About Seaway ll ‘Yawing’,2014-09-22_2008


Barry Young Misleads Judge Davis About Seaway ll ‘Yawing’

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