Mark Davies, Crown Law, Puts Up A Show For Judge Davis.

Reminiscent of Arthur Allen Thomas case

Mark Davies, Crown Law, Puts Up A Show For Judge Davis.
In his cross-examination of Bolton, he keeps regurgitating the same discussion about Seaway approaching Classique on her starboard bow & how if Judge Davis finds that there was risk of collision & that Rule 22,15 applied, it meant Classique had to get out of the way.
Bolton mentions again how in the special circumstances that existed, it would’ve been wrong for Classique to turn starboard.
1: It would’ve been into the expected course of Seaway when it altered course around Browns Island to head for Auckland.
2: It would’ve been towards the shallows of the reef area in the vicinity of Browns Island light – not a good idea considering Classique’s deep keel, drew twice as much as catamaran Seaway
3: If Seaway had kept a straight course even if it chose not to turn at Browns Island for Auckland, it would’ve had 460 mtrs clearance astern of Classique in which to pass safely.
Mark Davies wasn’t interested in Bolton’s facts, he was staging a misleading show for Judge Davis who admitted to having no knowledge of maritime matters or interpretation of the Rules regarding the approach of vessels.
Mark Davies ignored the special circumstances of the Browns Island situation & that the course of ferries on Regular Runs are an important part of risk assessment in a navigator’s duty.
He criticizes Bolton’s keeping of Classique’s course & speed in the expectation of Seaway turning at Browns Island for Auckland but he gives no credit to Bolton for his evidence that Seaway, if it didn’t turn, would’ve had 460 mtrs safe clearance astern of Classique.
Mark Davies attitude is reminiscent of the prosecution’s denial that they’d planted that shell case during the Arthur Allen Thomas case many years ago in which that innocent man was framed for murder.

Arthur Allen Thomas is an infamous case – he many spent years in jail as a result of dishonest Police evidence –
A $million compensation doesn’t make up for his lost farm, wife & free life.
Mark Davies, Crown Law, Puts Up A Show For Judge Davis.,ArthurAThomasPolice

Mark Davies, Crown Law, Puts Up A Show For Judge Davis.

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