The watchman on the ferry P Sweetman also signed his Brief of Evidence

The watchman on the ferry P Sweetman also signed his Brief of Evidence to be true to the best of his knowledge & belief.
He repeats the 16 points made by M Pigneguy except he put the position of the ferry at the top of Browns Island at the time of the incident – “Browns Island light was was observed bearing 20* True from Seaway at a radar range of .25 nmiles” – misinterpreting the position he had had been given by M Pigneguy who had written “the incident was 20*(T) x .25′ from Browns Is Lt.”
In Sweetman’s copying of the data he had been given, he also inadvertently stated , that he 1st saw Classique at the the time of the incident -“At aprox 10:26am our vessel was traveling from Waiheke … at aprox 36*.2′ S; 174*54 E, steering 286*T at 15.5kts … at this time I observed Classique at aprox 30* on port bow …”
At that time Classique would have been on the starboard bow of the ferry.
He then repeats the same impossible distance of 80 mtrs from Classique as when the 1st 5 blasts were made by the ferry.

Sweetman misunderstood the location of the incident given to him by Pigneyguy – the ferry is not on top of Browns Island as his figures suggest

Sweetman copies Pigneyguy’s report & mistakenly says his 1st point of observation was at the point of Incident which was 2 nmiles away

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