Brief of Evidence of Barry Young Warrants An Analysis.

 Brief of Evidence of Barry Young Warrants An Analysis.
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He begins by saying –
1: “I’m a Director of the City of Sails Maritime School Ltd Auckland. I founded this school in 1989 with 2 other nautical tutors”
Although there is a record of this company being registered, there’s no information to confirm it actually got off the ground. There’s no indication that either of the 2 other tutors were involved & they certainly don’t appear to be associated in recent years & this is how Barry Young establishes his credentials which on the surface he would have the Court believe are true.
2: “I contract out my nautical tuition services to the New Zealand Maritime School & to the Coastguard Boating Education Service as well as other organizations.”
On this basis Barry Young appears in Court – he’s contracted his services as a purported Expert Witness for this Case. In that role, he is obviously not going to jeopardize his employment by giving opinions contrary to Maritime New Zealand’s intention to prosecute Bolton. Barry Young was also said to be an expert at a Court ordered meeting between Bolton & Maritime New Zealand  about 9 months before the Court Hearing. This was ordered by a Judge at a status hearing – she heard some basic information & determined Maritime New Zealand should sort it out with Bolton,  withdraw the matter  & not waste Court time. Maritime New Zealand which was basically Ian Howden, refused to comply with that order. He & Barry Young listened to Bolton’s evidence & saw his plotted diagrams, chart work etc & said they were going to proceed regardless. These detailed works & evidence had also been given to Mark Davies, Crown Law who could have sensibly advised Maritime New Zealand to with draw but he was probably more interested in Milking the Public Purse by having the prosecution proceed anyway.
It was heard at the NZ Maritime School after the meeting, that Barry Young’s advice to Ian Howden was to withdraw the matter.
The Coastguard Boating Education Service had been approached by Bolton soon after the incident to discuss Maritime Rules & their application in this incident. They appeared reluctant to consider any thing to do with the situation, as if they were not prepared to give opinions contrary to Maritime New Zealand.
No sailing school instructor or Maritime technical institute would answer correspondence regarding the interpretation of Maritime Rule  part 22 – Collision Prevention.
It indicates that they were all unwilling to jeopardize their relationship to Maritime New Zealand upon whom they rely for their licensing & certification.
This is a most unsatisfactory state of affairs when Maritime New Zealand is found to be acting without regard for their obligatory Code of Conduct for State Services which requires they behave honestly   & in good faith.
If the Ombudsman is able to consider matters relating to the conduct of State Services, it would seem appropriate that his address can be added to the present Petition list even though Gerry Brownlee, Minister of Transport has Maritime New Zealand in his portfolio – perhaps with his Christchurch rebuild taking precedence he will be quite happy to have some assistance.

In the meantime, to see Justice being seen to be done by Maritime New Zealand & in our Court System, here again is the –
Link for Seeing & Signing Petition –
 Brief of Evidence of Barry Young Warrants An Analysis.,2014-10-02_2111

Link for Seeing & Signing Petition –

Brief of Evidence of Barry Young Warrants An Analysis.





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