Barry Young signed his Brief of Evidence as an Expert Witness

Barry Young signed his Brief of Evidence as an Expert Witness agreeing to comply with the Code of Conduct in all aspects of his involvement with the case.
He is a director of City of Sails Maritime School Ltd who contracts out his services to NZ Maritme School.
He is also an examiner with the coastguard Boating Education Service & had 14 years as a tutor at NZ Maritime School. After visiting the area of the alleged incident, looking at the 3 Photos taken by M Pigneyguy & reading the various documents he determined that…
1: It was a crossing situation in which Classique was the give-way vessel.
2: Bolton used a flawed method to determine whether risk of Collision existed – his “Infallible Rule of Thumb” he said was dangerous & could lead to incorrect conclusions but he declines to comment about Bolton’s conclusion with regard to the Risk of Collision being incorrect – merely points out the method is unreliable in his opinion & should never have been used.
3: Bolton’s actions as skipper of the Give-way vessel resulted in a dangerous situation developing.
4: Large heavy vessels like Seaway can be difficult & slow to turn or stop in an emergency.
5: Rule 22.16 requires the give-way vessel to take “early & substantial action to keep well clear” & to “avoid crossing ahead of the other vessel”
6: When Classique was about 1 mile from the ferry, she should’ve made a bold alteration of course to starboard of about 60* so as to pass to the port side of the ferry & been clearly visible to remove Risk of Collision.
7: By failing to Give-way classique caused the close quarters to develop in breach of Rule 22.15 – to avoid crossing ahead … continuing

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