More Absurdity From Barry Young’s Brief Of Evidence

He ignores the Elephant in the Room

More Absurdity From Barry Young’s Brief Of Evidence
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Barry Young had  9 months over which he heard & read the evidence of Bolton covering the situation M Pigneguy created. Barry Young says he was familiar with the area & studied the charts of the location as well – it made no impression on him.
This next  section is written without regard for the facts – it is impractical, unfeasible  & only fit for the misleading of a nautically unknowledgeable  Judge Davis.
Barry Young writes as a Hired Gun – “There is no suggestion that there were other vessels nearby which might have prevented Classique from turning either to port or starboard or stopping. In my opinion, when Seaway was at a distance of about 1 mile from Classique, Classique should have made a bold alteration of course to starboard so as to pass on the port side of Seaway. This ‘Best practice’ action would have been clearly visible to Seaway & would have removed any risk of collision. Classique could then have slowly turned to port & return to her course as the bearing of Seaway changed.”
Analysis of Barry Young’s absurd suggestions –
1: What have other vessels got to do with the situation? The elephant in the room is Browns Island, its Light marking shallows & reef area – conveniently ignored by Barry Young. Classique is a deep keel yacht drawing twice as much as Seaway – she has a very good reason to keep her course & not turn starboard into danger.
2: Barry Young’s opinion is not worth the space it takes up. When Seaway was a mile away, if M Pigneguy had any concerns as to the intentions of Classique, he was according to Maritime Rule 22.34.4 to IMMEDIATELY sound such doubt by sounding his warning series of 5 short & rapid blasts. M Pigneguy neither sounded  any  signal nor did he have a complying sound system to use – it was out of order.
3: Furthermore when Seaway was a mile away from Classique, M Pigneguy was steering closer to his 286 degree course & was indicating  to Bolton that Seaway had every intention to go astern of Classique with plenty of clearance – no risk of collision.
4: For that reason as well as the proximity of Browns Light & reef area it was unfeasible for Classique to have made any course change.
5: It was entirely dishonest of Barry Young to exclude any mention of the proximity of Browns Light & reef area, to omit mention of the failure of M Pigneguy to observe his mandatory sound signals & lack of complying equipment, then to neglect mention of the incremental turning Seaway was in the process of making in the direction of the path of Classique – accentuating as from that distance of a mile away.
Link for Seeing, Signing & Sharing Petition –

Barry Young ignores the Elephant – Pigneguy’s violations
as being  the main problem in addition to the location’s impediments
More Absurdity From Barry Young’s Brief Of Evidence,ElephantIgnored

More Absurdity From Barry Young’s Brief Of Evidence




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