More Views On Auckland Council’s Mooring Dragging Damage.

Sooner or later Auckland Council is likely to be facing reality - their negligence cannot be avoided

More Views On Auckland Council’s Mooring Dragging Damage.
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It would be common knowledge that no one dealing with the public can absolve themselves from their obligations to provide goods or a service which is up to standard or fit for purpose.
Sooner or later Auckland Council is likely to be facing reality.
In the meantime holding costs are mounting & as the Law with High Court action becomes closer with hugely escalating charges on both sides, Auckland Council could easily end up paying double the amount which had been incurred back in June.
It is an indictment on the quality of Auckland Council personnel in decision making positions. These ones will end up becoming liabilities to the city whilst being paid very well for jobs they are not performing.
The department in charge of moorings throughout the wider Auckland area would certainly police all the privately managed installations & hold those owners to the rules & regulations governing moorings for various weights & lengths.
Classique was unable to use any of the of moorings seen in abundance in so many locations – the vast majority of approved moorings have a limitation of 55 feet & 25 ton. Classique is 75 foot & 45 ton hence being allocated the 100 ton Auckland Regional Council mooring when she arrived back from her circumnavigation in time for the Millennium & our America’s Cup Defence. In fact 6 moorings went in with resource consent specifically for the accommodation of overseas mega yachts expected to be arriving. After the event, approval was given the ARC, as it was known then, to retain the moorings for ARC emergency use as there were none existing at that time. Consequently Classique was able to remain & became the longest term & valued client – coming to a sudden cessation of sentiment in June this year. Over the years, Classique had moved from mooring to mooring as servicing & repairs became necessary.
For instance a very weak link in the chain was discovered during a dive to recover a tool dropped overboard.
The most recent inconvenience contended with was the shortening up of the chain until there was no slack left to absorb the tides, waves or ferry wakes. A dive discovered that a fisherman anchor’s protruding fluke had been wrapped around progressively until the scope became nil & jarring became damagingly noticeable.
It was as a result of another weak link being found in the chain of the mooring which was dragged, that the Guide lines for the Northern Districts Moorings was found. Of significance was the warning that stainless steel shackles must not be used to attach to ordinary steel chain. Electrolytic action would erode the ordinary steel links & that was exactly what had happened twice in Classique’s tenure. This is something which would have to be known by the contractors employed by the Auckland Council
for the servicing of the moorings. It should also be known as a basic criteria by the Auckland Council staff employing the contractors . On two occasions Classique had been at risk due to the negligence of Auckland Council employees & their contractors.
Link for Seeing, Signing & Sharing Petition –

Classique stopped from ending up under Auckland Harbour bridge by a foundation pileMore Views On Auckland Council’s Mooring Dragging Damage,classique

A Video taken on the morning Classique was found aground

More Views On Auckland Council’s Mooring Dragging Damage.





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