Introducing Petition to 2 Ministers With New Portfolios

Directed to … 1 : Hon Amy Adams - Minister of Justice for Crown Law & Court systems. 2: Hon Simon Bridges – Minister of Transport for Maritime New Zealand & TAIC

Introducing Petition to 2 Ministers With New Portfolios
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This Introductory email was sent today to 2 Ministries in positions to make Change for the benefit of both the Recreational & Commercial Community
Petition from Public Interest group requesting Annulment of Maritime Conviction gained from Abuse of Court Process
Directed to …
1 : Hon Amy Adams – Minister of Justice for Crown Law & Court systems ;
2: Hon Simon Bridges – Minister of Transport for Maritime New Zealand & TAIC
Hon Amy Adams,
Hon Simon Bridges,
This Petition comes from a Public Interest group concerned with the unethical & perjurious behavior misleading Judge Davis of the Auckland District Court intentionally, to convict the wrong skipper
& deprive the Maritime community of proper interpretation of Maritime Rule part 22 – Collision Prevention
Having exhausted the conventional Court applications for Rehearings & Appeals being to no avail, Legal advice is that Public Interest can be aroused over the prosecution.
Catherine Taylor, previous Director of Maritime New Zealand, gave Public Interest as the reason for bringing the prosecution – unfortunately she failed to notify TAIC as she was Legally required to & consequently this Abuse of Court Process ensued.
This Petition is important because –
Perjurious evidence & dishonest testimony mislead the Judge who convicted the wrong skipper.
Maritime Collision Regulations regarding Ships Masters’ responsibilities during the approach of vessels, including methods of assessing Risk of Collision, use of complying equipment & obligations of Ferries on Regular Runs were ignored or misinterpreted.
Public Interest & recreational boaters deserve Judge Davis’ decision to be annulled.
Concerning to all who have an interest in having Justice seen to be done in any legal dispute.
A Letter will automatically accompany each signature –
Requesting Annulment of Bolton’s conviction gained by Abuse of Court Process.
“It is of concern that Justice was not seen to be done in the case of Bolton V Maritime New Zealand, Auckland District Court, 2009 & subsequent appeals. It is apparent that the initial investigation was flawed and the Legal obligation to notify Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) was ignored with the consequence this hearing was held before an ill-advised District Court.
The Judge declared many times his ignorance of all things Maritime, enabling the Prosecution to present misleading & apparently perjurious evidence.
Consequently an ill-informed decision was made, convicting the wrong skipper.
The Maritime community has been deprived of correct interpretation of Maritime Rule part 22 – Collision Prevention,
particularly for areas where ferries have regular runs.
The many violations committed by the relieving master of the larger Commercial Vessel were completely disregarded through-out the case.
The miscarriage of Justice found a blameless, internationally experienced Master & Navigator, Bolton, wrongfully convicted on criminal charges.
Bolton was punitively fined the largest sum on record in Maritime New Zealand history, this for a no contact, no injury alleged incident.
This petition requests you take urgent action and Annul Bolton’s conviction gained by Abuse of Court Process”
Concluding – I trust you are able to rectify this state to which our NZ Legal & Judicial system appears to have declined.
Written on behalf of Nautical Protocol
Link for Seeing , Signing & Sharing Petition –

 Introducing Petition to 2 Ministers With New Portfolios, 2014-10-02_2111

Introducing Petition to 2 Ministers With New Portfolios

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