Comments After Barry Young Died December 2014

Bolton did not have a fair trial in Court & the dismissed appeal was again influenced by the perjury committed

Comments After Barry Young Died December 2014
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In a post 9 Dec’14 “Barry Young Died 4th Dec’14 – Notice Herald today.” there was this excerpt –
This unexpected demise brings to mind the notice read in the NZ Herald April 2013. “Crewe ‘plant’ cop dies”
Detective Inspector Bruce Hutton & Len Johnson planted a shell case to manufacture evidence that Arthur Allen Thomas’s rifle had been used for the killing of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe
At Hutton’s funeral, Deputy Commissioner Mike Bush praised Mr Hutton and said he was known for having “integrity beyond reproach”. An editorial in the NZ Herald said: “that was clearly absurd. It was also an unthinking or calculated insult to Mr Thomas, who spent nine years in prison before being pardoned”. Thomas, now 75 years old, responded by saying the police were engaged in “a blatant cover up”
Clearly the NZ Herald had no qualms publishing their opinion of Mike Bush’s absurd “integrity beyond reproach” eulogy of Bruce Hutton.
Back in February’14 Gary Neill from Tauranga way, in a comment, endeavored to support Barry Young & that was well before he died.
Refer post 17 May’14 – “Expert Witnesses Were Extremely Well Respected” –Gary Neill.
Subsequent to Dec’14, two friends of Gary Neill’s, a Rusty & Jane from Auckland perhaps, objected to his family being exposed to revelations being made here about his conduct as a Hired Gun for Maritime New Zealand.
An anonymous chap from further afield was more delusional in his belief that Bolton had a fair hearing in court in 2010 and his appeal was dismissed. If anonymous had been reading the information posted here, he should know by now that due to Barry Young’s dishonest testimony in Court, Bolton did not have a fair trial in Court & the dismissed appeal was again influenced by the perjury committed by Barry Young, M Pigneguy etc.
Anonymous refers to “inflammatory comments and ad hominen arguments”
The comments here could certainly be provocative.
ad hominem, means responding to arguments by attacking a person’s character.
Anonymous barks up the wrong tree in this case as it was Barry Young’s unprofessional & misleading arguments that have obviously revealed his own character in perverting the course of Justice for monetary gain.
Anonymous admonishes – “You are so lucky that you did not appear in court for libel while Barry Young was still alive.” Barry Young cannot be regarded as magnanimous – a case for libel would not succeed if the claims being made are true, which is the case here. Rather, it is fortuitous that Barry Young has not had to answer in Court for his dishonorable public conduct.
All very well for Anonymous to suggest “Please get over it and return to a sensible and productive life.”
Bolton would certainly like that but it is a matter of needing full redress for the reprehensible actions of Barry Young. These resulted in the highest fine & costs in Maritime New Zealand history for a no contact, no damage, no injury, falsely alleged incident – this being deducted from a superannuation. Furthermore the wrongful criminal conviction has deprived Bolton from earning income as a commercial master.
A thought to ponder arises – is it possible that a man’s guilty conscience can bring about an untimely demise?
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                                                         Was Barry Young for real?
Comments After Barry Young Died December 2014, Coffinflowers

Comments After Barry Young Died December 2014

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