ColRegs Misconstrued by M Pigneguy on Seaway – Idiot video

M Pigneguy got his Collision Regulation interpretation wrong

ColRegs Misconstrued by M Pigneguy on Seaway – Idiot video
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As the Waiheke ro/ro ferry Seaway rounded Sth Motuihe, the relieving master, M Pigneguy identified Classique 2 nmiles away traveling east out from North Browns Island.
At the taking of photo 1 by M Pigneguy, Seaway was about .5 nmiles away (1 kilometre) It shows 22 mtr Classique crossing from port to starboard. The Relative Bearing from the ferry to Classique was said by M Pigneguy, to be changing only slightly, therefore he had determined that Maritime Rule 22.15 applied – “Crossing so as to involve risk of collision”. If that rule applies, the ferry Seaway becomes the Stand-on vessel – Rule 22.17, required to maintain its course & speed. Classique (If that rule applies) being the Give-way vessel – Rule 22.16, is required to keep out of the way & if the circumstances of the case allow, avoid crossing ahead of the ferry, taking early & substantial action to keep well clear. Normally that would be by Classique turning to starboard but this is where “Circumstances of the case” create Situational Ambiguity which a Prudent Mariner considers in his Risk Assessment & Management – the crucial point of this case.
1: M Pigneguy was in error to be using a Relative Bearing to determine risk of Collision. This method requires the vessel using this unreliable method to essentially maintain a straight course which Seaway was not keeping.
2: M Pigneguy was in therefore in error to determine that risk of collision existed because of Classique crossing from Port to Starboard – any risk of collision was entirely caused by Seaway incrementally turning towards the path of Classique. Seaway was also either inadvertently or deliberately, turning from port to starboard.
3: Consequently Maritime Rule 22.15, Rule 22.16 & Rule 22.17 did not apply.
4: Proper action would have been for M Pigneguy to have rectified the course curved towards Classique that Seaway was steering in violation of Maritime Rules.
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M Pigneguy got his ColReg interpretation wrong

 ColRegs Misconstrued by M Pigneguy on Seaway – Idiot video

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