Crown Law Ignores Obvious Steering Violation By M Pigneguy

Without enlargement see how M Pigneguy steadily steered starboard toward Classique's course

Crown Law Ignores Obvious Steering Violation By M Pigneguy

Appellant’s Submissions in response to Submissions of Crown Law Mark Davies, Meredith Connell in opposition to Appeal against Conviction
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Crown Law on behalf of Maritime New Zealand wrote in their Submission Paragraph 31
(a) Mr Pigneguy denied having turned towards Classique
The Appellant (Bolton) seeks to respond to the Crown submission …
Response to Paragraph 31
Response – 31(a) M Pigneyguy cannot deny the proof in his photos that he turned.
(b) Mr Young was of the view that at most Seaway had turned 2.4 degrees to starboard which in his opinion was of no consequence as it would be quite reasonable for a vessel of Seaway’s size to “Yaw” or “Meander” to that degree. this was consistant with Mr Pigneguy’s evidence.
Response 31(b). Barry Young cannot dispute the reduction of clearance that turning caused. It is irresponsible to say that reduction is “of no consequence” when it’s effect would be about 115 mtrs. It is also irresponsible to say it is “quite reasonable” for the easily driven catamaran hull of the ferry not to able to steer a straight course in flat water with no wind or current – there is absolutely no yaw or meander in the perfect conditions on that day. M Pigneyguy could not “give a sensible answer” to the Appellant on that point. (Transcripts Page 50) His endeavour to cloud & confuse the issue is obviously misleading to the Court
Note in addition to the two responses above …
Mark Davies, Ian Howden, Barry Young & M Pigneguy himself could without any difficulty look at the 3 Photos M Pigneguy provided and see that Seaway had been turning significantly within the distance of the 3 photos. Just by looking at the 3 views ahead of Seaway thru the windscreen it is obvious that Seaway was steadily heading above its course. What is purposely kept quite by Barry Young on behalf of Maritime NewZealand & by M Pigneguy in particular is that Seaway was on 284* after turning at Sth Motuihe when he identified Classique 2 nmiles away. He went up to 286*. That was the course he said he stayed on but he kept turning towards the path of Classique incrementally all the time until he was further ahead of the bow of Classique in Photo1 at 0.5nmiles away on 292*, Up to 295* at Photo 2 & 297* at photo 3.
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3 Photos supplied by M Pigneguy. Even without enlargement it can be seen how M Pigneguy had steadily steered starboard towards the course of Classique. Apart from looking ahead, the starboard bow of Seaway is seen creeping up the slope of Rangitoto.
Crown Law Ignores Obvious Steering Violation By M Pigneguy

Crown Law, Ignores Obvious Steering Violation By M Pigneguy

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