An inconsistancy in the evidence of M Pigneyguy is being discussed

An inconsistancy in the evidence of M Pigneyguy is being discussed – the transcripts record the question “Why did you say you say your chart had the relative courses of both Classique & the ferry on it ?” to which M Pigneyguy replied “I didn’t… at no time did I draw on the relative course of your vessel on any chart … I had no idea what course you were steering … all I could see was your course taking your vessel across my course – from port to starboard – there’s no course on there relating to Classique.”
Bolton had read in M Pigneyguy’s Brief of Evidence ” I’ve marked on a copy of the nautical chart the relative tracks of both vessels.”
Ian Howden of MNZ had written in his Brief of Evidence “…a signed chart had been obtained from the master of Seaway showing the relative tracks of both vessels.”
As the chart Bolton received, which was the chart M Pigneyguy provided the Court didn’t have the track of Classique on it, Bolton had asked for this particular chart as it would have indicated the heading of Classique towards the Sth West anchorage at Motuihe – this would normally be taken into account & assisted the ferry in assessing Risk of Collision.
Bolton drew on that chart his course which was parallel or reciprocal to that of the ferry up till the ferry turned at Sth Motuihe. Classique was on about 80* – the ferry on 260*.
Bolton showed his plotting of the positions of the ferry at the taking of each photo which showed the ferry had already turned from 260* to 286* & to 292* at the taking of the 1st Photo.
M Pigneyguy asked in the transcripts “How did you calculate that? I’d like to know because in all the photos the ferry was pointing in just about exactly the same direction.”
Bolton showed how the photos by themselves revealed the ferry’s turning towards Classique (that was explained in the 19th Jan post)
Bolton then explained the method by which the ferry’s position was plotted for Photo 1 & Photo 3. M Pigneyguy’s chart gave the turning point at Sth Motuihe & the course of 286* towards the Takapuna shore. Photo 1 showed the Sky Tower & with magification, the shore line each side of the wheelhouse window post revealed what was obscured – Browns Island Light – verfied also by the angle made from sky tower to the 286* course. (See photos re magnification in next post)
To see these diagrams & the comments alongside, the photos below this & each post can be clicked for enlargement.

Classique’s course is now drawn & the bearing from Sky tower coming between Browns Island & Light to establish position at photo 1 is shown intersecting the ferry’s said course of 286*.
The reciprocal course of the ferry from Waiheke of 260* is shown on the chart supplied by M Pigneyguy.

Photo 3 when enlarged shows a bearing from near Rangitoto’s summit passing over Illiomana light to the point of incident. The bearing from sky tower is seen over the complete distance.
The course of the ferry is shown straight as M Pigneyguy drew.

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