Growing Contempt for MNZ– Part 3. Rough Cook Strait Video

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Growing Contempt for MNZ– Part 3. Rough Cook Strait Video
Captain John Harrison
Master of Inter-Island ferry Santa Regina is unmercifully hounded
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His story resumes …
“We saw ripples along the side of the hull, but that is consistent
with the knocks and scrapes incurred by normal R0-RO
operations. Neither Alan nor 1 saw the gash. Nor did the mate/
master who made his own independent inspection from the
When photographed in perfect visibility in daylight through
the sharp focus of a camera lens, it seems inconceivable that we
could have missed it. But trust me, if you had been there on the
night, you would understand why.
Having completed our inspection, we sailed for Picton, and
it was not until our return to Wellington next morning that
we noticed a furrther piercing of l.85m about 5m above the
waterline. At the same time, the local deputy Harbourmaster
sighted the area of concern and reported directly to Maritime
NZ – but made no contact with the vessel.
Maritime NZ inspectors then boarded and detained the ship
in an aggressive fashion. Their belief was apparently that I had
attempted a cover-up of the collision, and intended to continue
sailing. l would have thought radioing the Harbourmaster’s
office to report the incident within minutes of it happening would
be a bad start for someone intent on a cover-up.
What followed was an inept Maritime NZ investigation
headed by Ray McMillan which resulted in me being charged
under the Maritime Transport Act.
Until the arrival of Catherine Taylor as Director of Maritime
NZ, all accident investigators held Master Mariner tickets. That
arrangement ensured a familiarity with ships and their operation
– and would have meant I would have been uniikeiy to have been
required to answer questions at interview such as “How wide is
Santa Regina?” and “Does your ship have bowthrusters?“. Continuing …
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Rough Crossing Of Cook Strait – Video

Growing Contempt for MNZ– Part 3. Rough Cook Strait Video

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