Auckland Council Drags. 9 Months Later. Fast Dragging Video

Original specifications would itemize weight of mooring, components, length, depth, holding etc.

Auckland Council Drags. 9 Months Later. Fast Dragging Video
It appears as if Auckland Council lawyers, Kennedys, is now doing a fair amount of dragging of its own chain.
20 December 2014 in a post “Mooring Claim Against Auckland Council Update” they were asked mid December, to provide certification for the mooring Classique dragged mid June 2014. This is required for a mooring Expert engaged to write a report in preparation for a High Court hearing in the event Auckland Council is not accepting liability for their mooring not being fit for purpose.
The original specifications would be expected to be itemized as to weight of the mooring, its components, length, depth of water, holding capacity etc.
Kennedys response arrived 16 January’15 without any original certificate & a few assorted tri-annual certificates for about 4 moorings of no relevance except they provided the names of contractors. Revealed was the paucity of service Auckland Council was getting from those contractors who didn’t seem to be aware of how to complete a mooring inspection certificate or what constituted a mooring fit for a 100 ton rating.
A second request was sent to Kennedys mid Febuary’15 considering no more certificates had been found. They were asked for the original certificate & tri-annual certificates just for the mooring Classique dragged. Nothing happened for another month & what a confusion Kennedys seemed to be in. They thought the mooring had been put down in 1989 & therefore had nothing to do with the present administration. If they had asked the Harbourmaster’s office, it would’ve been clear that the moorings went down in time for the Americas Cup visitors in 2000 with Resource Consent. Furthermore Kennedys doubted I was on Mooring #10 as I had been contracted to Mooring #8 in 2010. The Mooring number is written on the buoy which is still attached to the mooring Classique dragged & kept by the Harbourmaster as an exhibit.
A third request was made 18 March’15 for permission for the expert to view the mooring in the event there are no certificates & Kennedys can’t determine the number of it. The lawyer for Bolton has also sent a letter which to date remains unanswered.
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Auckland Council Drags. 9 Months Later. Fast Dragging Video


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