The Planted Shell Case, Part 3 – Memoir of Peter Williams QC

Firng in a .22 rifle comprises the shell-case, leaden projectile, gunpowder and wad in the base

The Planted Shell Case, Part 3 – Memoir of Peter Williams QC

in defence of wrongly convicted Arthur Allen Thomas.
as written in Peter’s recent book “The Dwarf who Moved”
Because part of the process in making the new head stamp
involved manual dexterity, no two of these original head
stamps were ever identical. Although the same letters ‘ICI’
were invariably engraved on the stamp, there were always
small idiosyncrasies that made each head stamp unique: these
idiosyncrasies were then reflected on the progeny of the head
stamp — that is, the batch of millions of shell-cases.
Basically, a completed piece of ammunition suitable
for firing in a .22 rifle comprises the shell-case, the leaden
projectile, and the gunpowder and wad contained in the base
of the shell-case. These shell-cases were manufactured by
the million in the ICI factory at Melbourne, and some were
exported to New Zealand, where they were fitted with the
leaden projectiles and made ready for use.
Apart from the letters ‘ICI stamped on the base of the
shell-case, there were other distinguishing features in these
completed pieces of ammunition. For instance, in some
batches, the priming material was wet, but in others, it was
dry. In relation to the leaden projectiles, some batches had the
number ‘8’ inscribed upon them, but others did not.
By careful microscopic examination and with reference to company
records, it was therefore possible to date the manufacture
of any particular shell-ease within certain parameters. Our
object was to try and date the manufacture of the shell—case
which was found outside the Crewe house.
Mr Leighton was pleased to see us and very cooperative. He
told us how the officer in charge of the case, Inspector Bruce
Hutton, together with Dr Donald Nelson, the lead scientist
for the prosecution, had a short time previously arrived to
interview him in Melbourne. He told us how they had both
tried to persuade him to swear a false affidavit. He said they
already had the document prepared, and put pressure on him
to sign it. He told them that he would not sign the affidavit
because it was false and, in particular, it incorrectly stated
that all the head stamps made by him for ICI were identical
and had no distinguishing details, contrary to fact.
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                            .22 riles, ammunition & type of end stamping
The Planted Shell Case, Part 3 - Memoir of Peter Williams QC

The Planted Shell Case, Part 3 – Memoir of Peter Williams QC

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