A crucial series of questions by the Judge who apologises

A crucial series of questions by the Judge who apologises for his complete lack of understanding of matters nautical. 1: “Are you saying that Mr Pigneyguy turned to make it look worse than it was ?” Bolton replied “Exactly so”
2: “Which way did he turn, left or right?” Bolton – “He turned to his right hand or starboard side … towards Classique.” Mr Pigneyguy was asked to respond to Bolton’s answers – “In those 3 photos, I’ve maintained both course & speed until the last one, photo
3. Seaway is just about stopped in the water otherwise we would’ve collided with Classique. That’s the only thing which changed.” Judge – “Did you turn to the right or starboard as he says?” Pigneyguy – “During that period , certainly not.” Judge to Bolton – “Is that your case put to him… is that basically what you said he did wrong … he turned into your path ?” Bolton – “Yes he did, he changed towards my course & created a situation …”
Judge – “Is that your criticism of Mr Pigneyguy’s steering ? do you have other criticisms of his captainship ?”
Bolton – “If he’d kept his course & speed the difference in passing would’ve been 463 mtrs but it was brought down to somewhere between 10 & 80 mtrs, depending on whoever calculated & what the photos looked like.”
Judge to Pigneyguy – “It seems to me that Bolton’s criticism of your skippering is 2 fold – you’ve turned into his path, which you’ve disagreed with & 2ndly, if you had maintained your original course, Mr Bolton would’ve been able to cross in front of you at a safe distance of 467 mtrs. do you agree with that ? … Mr Bolton says that On a course of 286*T, you turned incrementally a further 11* to your starboard & put you directly in his line ?”
Pigneguy – “Absolutely not, sir. There’d be no reason to do that unless I wanted to risk my vessel & certificate” Bolton – “It was either purposely or inadvertently, one way or another it happened & I’ve been able to use your photos to put it down on a proper chart & transpose it to here showing exactly where you were when you took your 1st photo & your heading – your 2nd photo & your heading & your 3rd photo & your heading – anyone would be able to.”
Judge to Pigneyguy – “Are you able to comment on the science that Mr Bolton has adopted ?”
Pigneyguy – “It could be possible … you need 2 objects in transit … at 7 miles from sky tower, it would be difficult to obtain an accurate position … I don’t accept the authenticity of his science … Not in this case, sir, no.”
Bolton – ” I’d like Mr Pigneyguy & yourself to see how absolutely precisely from beginning to end my recording of bearings is not only perfect but it is also transferred to the background & magnified & that is in contrast with Mr Pigneyguy’s method of taking a relative bearing from some point.”
Cross-examination continues.

Photo 1 Classique is under the arrow, cliffs in background. Ramp measures 29 mm.2014-01-07_1053

Photo 2 : Classique’s forestay is covering the Sentinel. The ferry has moved from the Sentinal to North of Rangitoto’s Western headland – the distance between the 2 vertical red lines.

Photo 3 : The Sentinal is out of sight. The ferry is further up the slope of Rangitoto. The Ramp measures 34 mm now showing the effect of a Zoom change to closer up. Classique’s mast is past the summit of Rangitoto. The ferry has moved up further – the distance between the red lines.

A compilation for this post made from the original A3 sized exhibit –
laid off with Latitudes & Longitudes on chart nz532


Line of sight transferred to the background – Rule of Thumb

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