The Planted Shell Case, Part 9 – Memoir of Peter Williams QC

Royal Commission found that Bruce Hutton and senior police officer, Iohnson, had planted the shell-case

The Planted Shell Case, Part 9 – Memoir of Peter Williams QC
in defence of wrongly convicted Arthur Allen Thomas
as written in Sir Peter’s recent book “The Dwarf who Moved”
The evidence in relation to this shell-case was central
to the whole inquiry, and the ‘DSIR, headed by Dr Nelson,
remained adamant that the date of manufacture of the shell-
case could not be ascertained by microscopic examination of
its head stamp. Finally, however, the DSIR capitulated, and
agreed that Thomas’s experts were correct. It had taken the
DSIR ten years to come to this conclusion.
Dr Sprott, Pat Booth and Professor Mowbray brought
many other factors into play, such as the priming of the
cartridges and the degree of corrosion on the shell-case from
its alleged period concealed in the soil of the Crewes’s garden.
They produced insuperable evidence that the she!l—case had
been planted.
The Royal Commission ultimately found as a fact that
Hutton and another senior police officer, Iohnson, had indeed
planted the shell-case in the Crewes’s garden outside the
window of the lounge room in which the Crewes had been
shot, exonerating Arthur Thomas completely of the crime,
and uncovering the depths of police dishonesty in his case.
From the beginning of the Commission, Justice Taylor had
ordered that the Crown hand over to the defence, ab initio,
copies of all documents in their possession. This is what
we know today as discovery of documents. In those days,
however, it was not obligatory, and senior counsel for the
police, John Henry QC [later to become a High Court iudge],
was most adamant that the documents should not he handed
over. Justice Taylor remained equally adamant, and compelled
him so to do. This inside information of PAW QC continues …
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Who planted the evidence ? It was Bruce Hutton & Johnson
The Planted Shell Case, Part 9 – Memoir of Peter Williams QC

The Planted Shell Case, Part 9 – Memoir of Peter Williams QC

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