Appeal Points from Judge Toogood’s Decision Para 25

M Pigneguy, Keith Ingram & Phillip Wardale were acting as self appointed Auckland Waterfront Vigilantes

Appeal Points from Judge Toogood’s Decision Para 25
Judge Toogood repeats from Judge Davis’s erroneous Decision in his…
Para 25 – “Captain Pigneguy reported what he considered to be a close quarters situation to Maritime New Zealand and an investigation was conducted. As part of that investigation the photographs were analysed by Maritime New Zealand and by an independent maritime expert whose evidence was that Classique passed between 18 and 30 metres across the bow of the Seaway II; a distance that in his view was not safe.”
Bolton writes in his submissions on Appeal of this mindless repetition …
Para 25 – M Pigneyguy created a closer quarters than needed to exist but it was at an acceptable 50 to 80 mtrs clearance distorted to appear 18 to 30 mtrs by M Pigneyguy using a zoom in Photo 3 & inaccurate assessment by MNZ who neither conducted a proper investigation nor notified Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) as required by Law.
Note in addition to the above submission …
M Pigneguy had been carrying a chip on his shoulder for more than 20 years re Bolton’s cost share crew concept. He was at the time of the hearing the ex chairman of the Auckland Charter Boat Association & a contributing author to Professional Skipper Magazine editored by Keith Ingram. With Phillip Wardale the then manager of Bayswater Marina, the 3 of them had been pressuring Maritime New Zealand to prosecute Bolton but Bolton’s crewing arrangements were quite in keeping with Maritime regulations so the trio began to act as the Auckland Waterfront Vigilantes.
Consequently when M Pigneguy recognized Classique more than 2 nautical miles away as he turned at Sth Motuihe he began to manufacture a close quarters situation which he could report to Maritime New Zealand to incriminate Bolton.
In the process, M Pigneguy violated every Maritime Collision Regulation to which Maritime New Zealand & Crown Law turned a blind eye even hiring Barry Young to act as their Hired Gun. That’s certainly how it appears & is verified in Julian Joy’s 2 Reports.
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Perverting the Course Of Justice in Auckland
Appeal Points from Judge Toogood's Decision Para 25

Appeal Points from Judge Toogood’s Decision Para 25

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