Judge Toogood’s Decision Para 25 – Useless Inventions Video

Judge Toogood’s Decision Para 25 – Useless Inventions Video
Continuing Bolton’s Submissions re the Auckland Vigilante Trio …
Para 25 – The degree of animosity can be the only explanation for the combined vigilante type prosecution in spite of all evidence indicating Classique is blameless in this matter.
(a). This animosity is evident considering the pressure Maritime New Zealand has been put under by Keith Ingram (Professional Skipper Magazine Editor with Classique as its prime entry in Net the Pirates Website)) , M Pigneyguy (ex Chairman of Charter Yacht Society & contributing author to Professional Skipper Magazine) & Phillip Wardale (Trespassing Classique from Bayswater Marina Public dock)
(b). Since 2000 Maritime New Zealand failed on numerous occasions to prosecute Bolton for his Cost Share Crewing Concept because it was valid but in opinion of Ingram, Pigneyguy & Wardale, it was illegal chartering which they were reporting to MNZ.
(c). Classique had been operating with contributing crew internationally and in NZ since her purchase by the Bolton in 1986.
(d) M Pigneyguy thought the person at the outside helm on the day, was in charge & ignorant of the Rules, probably crewing illegally. In fact Bolton was at the controls inside the Wheelhouse, monitoring courses & speeds of Seaway closely over the entire time.
Note in addition to the above submission …
M Pigneguy acted with alacrity & no doubt with a high degree of satisfaction after receiving Judge Davis’s nefarious Decision.
Straight away he got a distorted & inaccurate 2 & a half page article out in Professional Skipper Magazine.
He was writing to professional skippers, giving them advice as to how to prepare their evidence for court cases they might be involved in.
About all he achieved was making a nonsense of himself with his ridiculous suggestions revealing abysmal ignorance of the proper application of Maritime Collision Regulations.
Link for Seeing, Signing & Sharing Petition – http://maritimenz.com/AnnulConvictionGainedByAbuseOfCourtProcess

Useless inventions we can do without

Judge Toogood’s Decision Para 25 – Useless Inventions Video

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