Judge Toogood Doesn’t Comprehend Julian Joy’s Reports

Clear revelation of M Pigneguy & Barry Young’s misleading Judge Davis on behalf Maritime New Zealand

Judge Toogood Doesn’t Comprehend Julian Joy’s Reports
He writes unintelligently in his Decision regarding Bolton’s Appeal…
It seems clear that, for the purposes of conducting his defence when he was unrepresented by counsel, the appellant acted as both advocate and expert witness. He says that he was confident, because of his knowledge and experience, that the Judge would accept his version of events and that he would be vindicated. The appellant says that the Judge was confronted with direct conflicts between his views and those of the prosecution expert, and that it was unfair of the Judge in the circumstances to prefer Mr Young’s opinion.
The appellant now argues that in order to avoid an injustice he should be permitted to put Mr Joy’s reports in evidence on the hearing of his appeal.
Bolton submits in his Appeal against Judge Toogood’s Decision …
It was not only unfair of Judge Davis to prefer Barry Young’s opinion but he had no Nautical knowledge upon which to base his decision which is at variance with Navigational Principles, Maritime Collision Regulations & proper seamanship to be followed in areas especially where ferries have regular runs.
There has been a severe miscarriage of Justice.
Julian Joy’s Reports should be permitted in the interest of Justice to establish the facts of the case.
Note in addition to the above Submission …
To any Navigationally competent person, Bolton’s evidence, backed up by Julian Joy’s Reports, would have been a very clear revelation of M Pigneguy and Barry Young’s nefarious misleading Judge Davis on behalf of Maritime New Zealand.
It appears conclusively that Judge Davis, in his ignorance of Maritime matters, was siding, in his mind, safely with the superficial authority he gave to Maritime New Zealand & its dishonest witnesses hiding behind their unmerited qualifications.
Link for Seeing, Signing & Sharing Petition – http://maritimenz.com/AnnulConvictionGainedByAbuseOfCourtProcess

They could not act like turkeys & get away with it in front of TAIC –
Transport Accident Investigation Commission

Judge Toogood Doesn’t Comprehend Julian Joy’s Reports

Judge Toogood Doesn’t Comprehend Julian Joy’s Reports

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