Judge Toogood Flounders Trying To Justify His Decision

Judge Toogood misunderstands the situation in which prosecution witnesses pervert the Course of Justice

Judge Toogood Flounders Trying To Justify His Decision
He writes …
“I do not accept that last contention. ( Referring to the suggestion that the appellant, at the Status Hearing, was dissuaded from seeking to call his own expert) The appellant had full disclosure of the prosecution’s proposed evidence. In the intervening period, before the defended hearing in the District Court, the appellant was able to prepare for the Court a comprehensive rebuttal case relying on his own expressed expertise and experience and, no doubt, in part on discussions he had had with Mr Joy at the Maritime School. In his judgment dealing with the rehearing application, Judge Davis noted that Mr Joy had been present throughout a large part of the substantive hearing and that there had been no suggestion that Mr Joy was unavailable to give evidence. The point made on behalf of the appellant was that he simply did not appreciate the importance of the expert evidence and the need for evidence presented by Maritime New Zealand to be rebutted. I cannot accept that proposition, given the degree of pre-trial disclosure and discussions, and the prosecution’s obvious reliance on Mr Young’s opinions”
Bolton writes a Submission Appealing Judge Toogood’s Decision …
“Judge Toogood is in error not to accept that contention. The Appellant was disadvantaged by the lack of Nautical Knowledge on the part of Judge Davis who unfortunately was unaware of the degree to which he was being mislead by the prosecution. The TAIC – Transport Accident Investigation Commission, was the proper forum to investigate this matter but was bypassed, thereby gaining Maritime New Zealand an improper advantage in the District Court.”
Note in addition to the above submission …
Judge Toogood reveals his complete misunderstanding of the situation in which Crown Law, Maritime New Zealand & its nefarious prosecution bent witnesses took advantage of an admitted Nautically ignorant District Court Judge Davis to pervert the Course of Justice & have the wrong skipper convicted.
Link for Seeing, Signing & Sharing Petition – http://maritimenz.com/AnnulConvictionGainedByAbuseOfCourtProcess

Neither Judge Davis nor Judge Toogood understood what they were looking at

Judge Toogood Flounders Trying To Justify His Decision

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