Judge Davis mislead By Barry Young Gives Grounds to Appeal

Proportional navigation is a guidance law used one way or another by homing air target missiles

Judge Davis mislead By Barry Young Gives Grounds to Appeal
Corrections are written for 4 Paragraphs from Judge Davis’s decision
Para 27 : I did not describe my infallible rule of thumb as the use of my thumb held up as a marker on Classique & projecting a transit line onto the background. For Barry Young not to accept my method of navigation as being appropriate, indicating that it was not taught in any Maritime schools that he was aware of, is entirely false, considering MNZ Nautical School at which Mr Young works does currently teach & recommend this fundamental geometric method which is the basis of everyday navigation.
Para 28 : I did not suggest a custom had developed that enabled the Maritime Rules to be put aside neither did I refer to any custom forming part of customary law – rather that customs of Navigation may supplement but not conflict with the Rules
Para 29 & 30 : Therefore there was no ignoring of Maritime rules nor assumptions based on scanty information as to the ferry’s course on its regular run & marked on its chart.
Note in addition to the above corrections to Judge Davis’s paragraphs …
It is dishonest that Barry Young would decry the method of Navigation used as a Rule of Thumb by Bolton & practically everyone else on land & sea as well as in Rocket Science. It’s proper name is Line of Sight or Proportional Navigation.
This Missile guidance system was first discovered from sea navigation to avoid collisions based on how the Line of Sight bearing changes or not. An alternative name for the technique is Constant Bearing Decreasing Range. This knowledge provides further authentication & a reference to the danger of M Pigneguy’s use of his Relative bearing
Proportional navigation is a guidance law used in some form or another by most homing air target missiles.
Link for Seeing, Signing & Sharing Petition – http://maritimenz.com/AnnulConvictionGainedByAbuseOfCourtProcess

This diagram drawn by Bolton illustrates how it compares to but is more practically accurate than
a compass bearing  due to its magnification & that many targets can be simultaneously monitored.
Judge Davis mislead By Barry Young Gives Grounds to Appeal

Judge Davis mislead By Barry Young Gives Grounds to Appeal

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