Barry Young pettifogs over the methodology Bolton used to determine the position of the ferry

Barry Young pettifogs over the methodology Bolton used to determine the position of the ferry when M Pigneyguy took his 1st Photo in the sequence of 3 on his course from Sth Motuihe to Browns Island heading 286 degees True in the direction of the tall Sentinal building on the Takapuna North Shore.
Bolton describes how he proceeded along the same course from St Motuihe as the ferry took & found there was a transit from the Sentinal through the Western Headland of Rangitioto giving him an accurate position line.
Bolton proceeded along that transit line until Sky Tower was bearing as it appeared in Photo 1 through the Wheelhouse window of the ferry – he found that this second bearing from Sky Tower actually became another Transit line as it was held fixed between Browns Island & its Light.
The GPS reading at that point gives an exact Latitude & Longitude to be transposed to an appropriate chart.
Bolton explained how with 2 transits, the point of intersection of those 2 lines is accurately giving the position of the ferry – probably more so than a navigator gets in a moving vessel taking a 3 bearing fix with a compass resulting in the consequential “Cocked Hat” within which his vessel may be.
In addition Bolton explained how with a transit from North shore & a bearing from Sky Tower, equal to that seen through the ferry’s window, which intersects the transit, it gives the ferry’s position as accurately as the intersections of 2 transits.
In the process, Bolton found that the Ferry’s stated course of 286*True was not to the Sentinal building but to the white cliffs near where Classique appears in Photo 1.
The bearing to slightly North of the Sentinal as it appears in Photo 1 from the ferry’s starting point at Sth Motuihe was actually 292*T indicating the ferry had already turned 6 Degrees towards Classique before M Pigneyguy took Photo 1.
B Young endeavours, over a considerable period of time, to negate Bolton’s findings.
Re the deducing that the bearing from Sky Tower came through the gap between Browns Island & its Light.
B young – “But we can’t see that gap in Photo 1, Mr Bolton …Sky Tower just gives you 1 point, you need a 2nd point that lines up with Sky tower so that we can see you’re on that transit line, in exactly the same way that you did with the 1st one”
The Judge – “Mr Bolton, the 1st thing you’re going to convince me of any of this, is you better actually have this witness agree with you that Browns Island is obscured by the windscreen …it is your assertion that Browns Island is obscured by the windscreen. I don’t know yet that Mr Young agrees with you.”
B Young – “We can’t see where Browns Is Light is on that Photo 1 either – there are 2 missing bits & that’s why I haven’t used them … the light may or may not be behind that window frame & the other point that’s missing is Browns Island itself. We can’t use them as a transit unless we can positively identify them in the photos … your photo to Sky Tower is not the ferry’s photo at all. That’s – no.
The Judge – “Mr Bolton, I’ll help you this much. I don’t accept that this witness agrees that Browns Island is obscured by the windscreen. Even to me, who is not a nautical person, that photo could have just about been taken anywhere on the Hauraki Gulf, at any time from any distance with any zoom … it may well be a crucial point but it is not advancing your case 1 millimetre or 1 nautical mile.”
In this break the photos showing Browns Island & its Light inconjunction with the ferry’s photo 1, are shown below with explanations in the captions area of each.

To a person as familiar with the Gulf as B Young is, the Skytower on the left & the Western end of Rangitoto in relation to the Sentinal Building ahead gives an immediate orientation.
If that angle was laid onto a chart a navigator would be able very quickly to determine the position of the ferry & what is in the vicinity.
To any Auckland boating person this area is as well known as their home territory.

Classique 1

For this photo to be taken towards Sky Tower at the same angle as it appears through the ferry’s windscreen with North Shore visible ahead is another reasonable function for a camera.

For one photo to be laid on top of the other to determine what’s obscured is much clearer using originals magnified so that features on the background are easily identified. 2 Photos in the 20th Jan post, show the bearing from Sky Tower on 2 charts coming towards the ferry between Browns Island & its Light

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