Judge Wylie’s Appeal Decision Beginning Preamble

M Pigneguy didn't see Classique 30 deg off Seaway’s port bow. That locates Classique at Sth Browns Island.

Judge Wylie’s Appeal Decision Beginning Preamble
Following the Submissions Bolton presented to the Appeal Court
Judge Wylie’s preamble continues …
[10] As Seaway II was heading on her course of 286° true, M Pigneguy observed Classique at approximately 30° off Seaway II’s port bow. Classique was approximately two nautical miles away. She was moving from port to starboard, as seen from Seaway II’s perspective. M Pignéguy took a relative bearing of Classique. –
[l l] A relative bearing can be taken very quickly and simply. It involves lining up the contact vessel with a fixed point on the observer’s own vessel. The relative bearing of the contact vessel can then be checked. The relative bearing is the angle between the contact vessel’s heading, and the heading of the observer ’s vessel. If two vessels are approaching each other and the relative bearing between them does not change appreciably, a risk of collision exists. Any vessel with a constant or nearly constant bearing and a decreasing range is likely to be on a collision course.
Note in addition to the above preamble …
1 : Typically, Judge Wylie without either listening to or understanding the Navigational evidence Bolton gave him very clearly, Judge Wylie just burbles along reading from Judge Davis’s erroneous Decision.
It was pointed out in Court that M Pigneguy couldn’t have observed Classique 30* off Seaway’s port bow. That position would locate Classique at Sth Browns Island, whereas Classique was at Nth Browns Island & only 5 degrees off Seaway’s port bow, more than 2 nmiles away.
2 : It was also clearly covered in Court how it was M Pigneguy’s taking of an unreliable Relative Bearing that contributed hugely to camouflaging his deliberate or inadvertent turning towards the path of Classique in violation of Maritime Collision Regulations. He failed to steer a straight course & brought his Relative bearing up with Seaway as it was incrementally turning.
See Bossier – Nautical Rules of the Road
Click here to view – Nautical Rules of the Road

Link for Seeing, Signing & Sharing Petition – http://maritimenz.com/AnnulConvictionGainedByAbuseOfCourtProcess

Showing how Classique was 5 deg off Seaway’s port bow – not 30* as claimed.
M Pigneguy & Barry Young displayed unprofessional ignorance of the unreliability of a Relative Bearing as explained in Bossier’s Nautical Rules of the Road. Click to view – Nautical Rules of the Road

Judge Wylie’s Appeal Decision Beginning Preamble

Judge Wylie’s Appeal Decision Beginning Preamble

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