B Young continues to negate Bolton’s evidence that the position of Browns Island & Light can be deduced

B Young continues to negate Bolton’s evidence that the position of Browns Island & Light can be deduced from M Pigneyguy’s Photo 1 in the manner described in the previous post with his separate photo aligned with Photo 1 to show what was obscured.
B Young – “I did go out there, Mr Bolton, in my own boat to have a look at what was in the 3 photos supplied by the ferry, which is what we’re basing a lot of this on & I wasn’t able to determine, from that photo 1, where either Browns Island or its light was, so I discounted that from anything that I’ve done in providing my brief … no, they could be out of the picture somewhere … it’s because they aren’t on the photos, I’m not comfortable with using them to base anything on. It would be better to base our assumptions on what you can actually see in the photos & measure off the chart.”
Bolton – “If this was transparent you would see …”
The Judge interrupted – “It’s not transparent, Mr Bolton, & that’s the point.”
Although Bolton is able to explain further how obvious the location of Browns Island & Light is as he moves down the transit line until Sky Tower on the bearing seen in Photo 1…
B Young is adamant that – “it depends on where we are on that 1st transit line … no you’re not seeing Browns Island.”
Bolton – “Browns Island has to be that side of Sky Tower ?”
B Young – “Yes, else its wide enough to show up in the photo, if it wasn’t down there I’d agree.”
Bolton – “so no problem with you determining that Browns Island has to be that side ?”
B Young – “Yes. All we’ve established is that Browns Island is out of the photo to the left somewhere … I don’t agree that we are necessarily in that gap you mention, because we simply cannot see Browns Island Light … no, the Browns Island Light doesn’t show up on the computer screen at all. It’s behind the object, or it may be to the left of the picture, I’m not able to determine that … it doesn’t show up on the photo … I don’t feel comfortable with making assumptions on some things that don’t show up on the photo … I agree entirely about the Sentinal & the end of Rangitoto, that’s quite correct. that gives us 1 position line & in order to to get a fix, we need a 2nd position line & 1 of the objects you’re talking about doesn’t appear on the photo, so we can’t use it.”
The Judge – ” I’ve indicated that in my view, this is not going anywhere. the science isn’t accepted.”
Bolton – “I thought it would’ve been quite easily understood – it is perfectly logical & navigationally acceptable to take that transit line from Sky Tower, through that gap here, onto the line which I have determined was a transit from Nth Shore … in that way take from a chart its latitude & longitude giving a precise point.”
M Pigneyguy made reference in his article published in Professional Skipper Magazine to Bolton wasting Court time – this intransigence of B Young doesn’t get a mention & it continues …

Photo 1 shows Sky Tower on the left of the windscreen & North Shore ahead of the ferry.Classique 2

Bolton took this photo to the Sky Tower on the same bearing as it appeared in Photo 1 to show how the locations of Browns Island & its light could be deduced.

By magnifying the background, the features both sides of the windscreen post were identified clearly, leaving North Head obscured & consequently Browns Island Light which was in line.

A bearing from Sky Tower has to pass between Browns Is & its light – so tightly that it is another transit as well as being the bearing which intersects the transit line from North Shore.

On the chart supplied by M Pigneyguy, the bearing from Sky Tower is shown closer up – passing between between Browns Is & its Light with neither the rocks on Browns Island shore or the Light showing on photo 1, therefore the bearing is held tightly between the two features.

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