B Young’s disapproval continues – “The only position that I have heard in the whole incident …

B Young’s disapproval continues – “The only position that I have heard in the whole incident is the position of the incident which was 020 from Browns light at .25 of a nmile & that’s the only position that I have worked with throughout because that’s the only time that anybody actually took a position & that’s all we can work with.”
Bolton – “Mr Young, We’ve already discovered that the bearing of 20*T from the light & .25 nmile off was not taken at the time on the day – (Phillip Sweetman divulged he hadn’t seen the positions being taken & this was data shared, created by M Pigneyguy at the end of the day) – we have this position fixed very precisely on his track & we know from his 1st Photo …”
The Judge – ‘Just a moment Mr Bolton. How do we know that the position has been fixed very precisely ?”
Bolton – “That’s when I lay on the chart the line from Sky Tower”
The Judge – “Well Mr Young has not agreed with you at all that the position is fixed, in fact it’s incredibly in dispute”
Bolton – “That’s unfortunately where I’ll have to leave it because when I, shall we say, know what I’m doing & I’m confident …”
The Judge – “but Mr Young doesn’t agree with you on that point. As I understand your evidence Mr Young?”
B Young – “that’s right”
Bolton – “Well, it’s almost self-evident for anyone to work out for themselves”
The Judge – “well other than Mr Young”
Bolton – “I can’t account for Mr Young’s reply, so I’ll leave it”
B Young – “We can see from the photos that the ferry is on your starboard bow, there’s no dispute about that. We can clearly see from the photos that you are on the ferry’s port bow in photo 1 & that’s all that matters”
Bolton – “Well, it does matter that we have a ferry that says he’s on 286* when he’s on 292* at Photo 1 & I can tell if he’d stayed on 286*, I would already have crossed his bow by Photo 2 – so we’re talking about a pre-risk of collision stage – he’s now starting to close in on me when I knew I had plenty of room to start with. I’ve been able to put where I was at photo 1 (on a bearing of 281*T from the ferry) & because of the way Latitudes & Longitudes work, I can precisely measure distances & courses”
B Young – “You cannot get precise positions of the vessels during the incident in relation to latitude & longitude. There is no information that we have from either vessel as to exactly where the 2 vessels were in terms of latitude & longitude, apart from the evidence that we have from Mr Pigneyguy for the actual latitude & longitude & the bearing & distance at the time of the incident”
Bolton – “MNZ estimated at the beginning of this hearing that the distance apart of the 2 vessels at photo 1 was .5 nmile & here I have got on my plottings .5 nmile – done before being told – it confirms what I’d worked out”
B Young – “We don’t know where he was at Photo 1. We haven’t got a fix of either vessel at the time of photo 1 – we simply know that you were on his port bow, he was on your starboard bow & the distance apart was about half a nmile at photo 1′
Bolton explains how having established the ferry’s position at photo 1, it was easy to determine that Classique was on a bearing of 281* from the ferry lining up with the cliffs on the background, on a course of 80*T & consequently 2 find the .5 nmile distance apart.
B Young – “I don’t agree with being able to relate what we see in the photos to your diagrams there because we are not able to fix positions … I don’t think we can establish actual true courses from photo 1. I tried to but there isn’t enough information there for us to do that”
Bolton – “I was able to get enough information from start to finish to get as precise as that – I haven’t had to change a thing – it’s what I did in advance & it’s possible for any navigator to do”
… and that is not the end of B Young’s criticism.

This is a compilation from an A3 page of plottings showing some of the detail of courses
& bearings used to determine positions & distances using latitudes & longitudes from the chart

With a transit from the summit of Rangitoto over Illiomana Light for photo 3 & another from Nth shore intersecting the transit or bearing from Sky Tower for position at Photo 1 it’s an accurate navigational exercise to determine positions

Taken from a full chart, this becomes a scale diagram of the courses & positions relating to the incident2014-01-14_2212

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