Establishing the Position of Photos 1 & 3 (Julian Joy Report)

Establishing the Position of Photo 1 (Julian Joy Report)
Photo below – Part of Photo 1 showing an enlarged area of city CBD, with Sky Tower & Ponsonby Towers identified. In real view, particularly through binoculars, buildings & features are significantly more distinct than in these copied photos & the transits are sharp & sensitive. The container terminal, Bean Rock & other features can also be seen whereas they are indistinct in the enlarged photo.
A 2nd Part of Photo 1 shows an enlarged area of Takapuna buildings & edges of Rangitoto Island. Sentinal is the tallest building & is very distinct, near the centre of the photo. In real view & through binoculars, buildings & features are significantly more distinct than in the photos & the transits are quite sensitive.
I (Julian Joy) manoeuvred until both views showed the photographed transits, then recorded the GPS position.
Latitude S36*49.40’ Longitude E174*54.63’
Establishing Position of Photo 3.
Photo below – Part of Photo 3 shows an enlarged area of the peaks of Rangitoto Island. In real view, particularly through binoculars, features are significantly more distinct than in the photo. The beacon of Illiomana Rock can be seen as a white speck on the waterline a little to the right of & just below the left hand peak (Rangitoto’s highest peak) It is quite visible in real view.
The 2 transits so obtained gave a position satisfactorily close to the position at 1026hrs estimated by Mr Pigneyguy in his 2009 chart drawing.
Position at Photo 3 : Lat S36*49.20’ Lon E174*54.08’
The 2 positions, where photos 1 & 3 were taken are shown on the chart below.
It is of interest to note that the distance between these 2 positions is 0.48 nmile ; ie. effectively the same as across the Waitemata Harbour from Devonport to the container terminal

Copied from an enlarged Photo 1 – identifying Sky Tower & Ponsonby Towers.
Container terminal & Tank farm more indistinct in photo but clear in real view.

Enlargement of the original Photo 1 – Identifying 2 conpicuous buildings in Takapuna,
Spencer on Byron & Sentinal.

The reef shore line & rising headland of Rangitoto is distinctly visible

Enlarged from original Photo 3 – Illiomana Beacon is visible in the
centre of the red ring with the summits of Rangitoto seen on the skyline

Locations of the taking of Photos 1 & 3 are marked on a chart using latitudes & longitudes
from GPS readings & gained from the transits available in real view

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