The article referred to by Julian Joy in Professional Skipper Magazine

About the article referred to by Julian Joy in Professional Skipper Magazine March/April 2011 – “Yachty learns to give way- the hard way – How to avoid a close quarters situation” (both in & out of court) by Michael Pigneguy, contributing author. Displayed across 2 pages of a 3 page article, are 3 photos he took from the ferry Seaway he was temporarily skippering – they show the ferry approaching Classique in the channel from Sth Motuihe with Rangitoto ahead & Browns Island abeam port side. The Takapuna & Western shore of Rangitoto is rather blurred in the size of photo published but details can be clearly seen in the amplified versions which perhaps can be uploaded here. M Pigneguy was the witness for MNZ’s prosecution & gives a few ideas which he hopes will help other skippers who find themselves defending their actions in court – primarily know & understand well your responsibilities when in a crossing situation with another vessel & if you are the stand-on or give-way vessel ( Maritime Rules 22.15, 22.16, 22.17) He suggests that as a recreational give-way vessel will take inappropriate action with no knowledge of Maritime Rules, the onus is on the professional skipper to act correctly.

Photo 1 : The ferry’s ramp, port side, is slightly North of the tall Sentinal building at Takapuna & South of a Ragitoto Headland. Classique has the background of white cliffs



Photo 2 : The ferry’s ramp, port side has moved from the Sentinal building to North of the Rangitoto headland. Classique has moved from the white cliff area & its forestay now hides the Sentinal building



Photo 3 : The ferry has now turned sufficiently North to lose sight of both the Sentinal & the Western headland of Rangitoto. The ramp width has also now increased from 29 mm to 34mm


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