M Pigneguy continues in his article – “Yachty learns to give way

M Pigneguy continues in his article – “Yachty learns to give way- the hard way – How to avoid a close quarters situation” … He recommends 1 : Taking a relative bearing & describes his strategy. 2 : Having a camera ready to take photographic evidence which would be hard to refute in court. 3 : Make notes of times, course, speed, position & have the watchkeeper verify them.
He describes his regular run from Kennedy Point, Waiheke past Sth Motuihe & North Browns Islands to Auckland City Tank Farm facilities. After rounding Sth Motuihe it was usual to line up the Sentinal which was said to be on a course of 286* true. At that point Classique was recognised 2 miles away heading East from North of Browns Island. Ferry travelling 15.5 knots, Classique about 7 knots, crossing from the ferry’s port to starboard. A relative bearing was taken by M Pigneguy who determined that as it wasn’t changing significantly, a collision was possible if Classique was unaware of the situation developing – therefore he began taking photos. At the 2nd Photo, 5 blasts were said to be sounded on the ferry’s whistle with no reaction from Classique even after a further 5 blasts. He thought his size & speed made it too late to turn starboard so, he said, he put his engines astern to bring the ferry almost to a halt to allow Classique to slip under his bow. Another 5 blasts were acknowledged, he said, by the helmsperson of Classique who demonstrated outstanding ignorance of the Rules of the Road – witnessed by the ferry’s watchkeeper.

Seaway2 – skippered by M Pigneyguy                                 roll-on / roll-off ferry, Seaway 2
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Classique at her mooring Auckland
Classique Auck Hbr


The ferry turns at Sth Motuihe & continues turning towards Classique which is heading on a straight course to anchor near the Sth end of Motuihe. The ferry would normally have turned Port/ West at Browns Island to go to Auckland, following the course from which Classique had come.
Courses Cqe & Ferry BlkW



If the ferry had kept a straight course from Sth Motuihe of 286*,
there would have been 463 mtrs clearnce – according to Court evidence

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