Seaway ll failed to provide recordings of its position

“Seaway ll failed to provide recordings of its position & M Pigneguy relied on his own reckoning”
22,23: Once again Judge Wylie lets M Pigneguy get away with his deficiencies & ignores all the evidence recorded at the hearing confirming the Submission made above by Bolton
Judge Wylie states – “Once again, there is no evidential support for that proposition & in any event it is irrelevant.
What is in issue is which vessel was obliged to give way to the other pursuant to the Maritime Rules & whether it did so in accordance with those Rules”
Judge Wylie is wrong to say it’s irrelevant not to supply evidence in support of contentions.
It’s incredulous that he would say there’s no evidential support for Bolton’s submission – M Pigneyguy didn’t supply evidence that he was on a course of 286*True, where he was when photos were taken or even where the incident was – this info was given by M Pigneguy without verification at all but it was accepted as irrefutable gospel.
If this information had been properly verified there would have been no nonsense from the prosecution who just negated all the plottings & working out that Bolton provided & subsequently had verified by Julian Joy in that Report.
From fictitious evidence given by M Pigneguy the prosecution has barked up the wrong tree in their determination as to “which vessel was obliged to give way to the other pursuant to the Maritime Rules” & Judge Wylie has not done anything to verify the info crucial to the case.
M Pigneguy should have concentrated on his responsibilities according to Maritime Rules instead of creating a close quarters to record on his camera – all he had to do was steer a straight course & both vessels would’ve passed with about 460 mtrs of safe clearance.

M Pigneyguy had Classique in his sights & made up a story to sound appropriate for his purpose.DreamBoat

imagination in lieu of logic has abused the Court process
& undermined public confidence in our justice system


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