MNZ fails to notify TAIC as mandated by sec 60 MTA 1994

MNZ fails to notify TAIC as mandated by sec 60 MTA 1994 – “as soon as practicable -To recognize the public interest in finding out what happened in a transport accident or incident in order to improve safety” Although Director of MNZ at the time, Catherine Taylor told Bolton he was to be prosecuted because of Public Interest, she didn’t fulfill her legal duty to notify TAIC. It appears that MNZ’s interest was just to have Bolton prosecuted regardless of all the evidence indicating that he wasn’t guilty. The only Public Interested seem to be M Pigneguy, Keith Ingram of Professional Skipper Magazine & Phillip Wardale, manager of Bayswater Marina putting pressure on MNZ who give the job of misleading the Public to Crown Law. More than a year after the incident was reported by M Pigneguy, MNZ when asked about their failure to notify TAIC, sent via Crown Law a page re notification with the Yes box ticked – still with no indication MNZ had actually done so. TAIC wouldn’t be approving that Ferry skippers can ignore all Maritime Rules governing Collision Regulations & use a camera instead of a horn to manufacture an incident after which the Public are given the message that it would be preferable to hit the offending vessel causing damage because then there’s not likely to be a time wasting Court case. The Auckland Legal system seems to pay lip service to to the phrase regarding “Justice being seen to be done”

The Document provided by MNZ indicating that TAIC had not been informed
when it was their legal requirement to do so apart from it being in the Public Interest.
Judges Wylie & Davis let MNZ off the hook as they do with M Pigneguy & all his violations

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