Crown Law & MNZ Break Standards of Integrity & Conduct

Crown Law & MNZ Break Their Standards of Integrity & Conduct
Their printed Opening Address makes it clear that Honesty is not their policy & being Fair is not their intention.
The Interview transcripts with MNZ are misconstrued & Bolton is said to have stated – presumably after Seaway turned at Sth Motuihe – “The ferry was headed toward the South end of Rangitoto & he assumed that it would alter course toward Auckland & go astern of him”
The transcripts reveal Jim Lott saying “You thought he may alter course to head up to Auckland”
Bolton answers “ All the time from here, the turning point at Sth Motuihe, it was absolutely certain that he was coming to go to Auckland & not Half Moon Bay”
Bolton pointed on a chart to the anchorage at SW Motuihe & said “There was this expectation that I was going here – then pointing to the North side of Browns Island – & he was going to go behind me”
Towards the end of the interview Bolton says “His destination being North Head, there’s no reason he was heading towards what turned out to be Rangitoto Wharf or the vicinity thereof before he actually turned South West – when he should’ve been heading reasonably close to Browns Island as all the other ferries we’ve seen do & then heading up here – towards Auckland”
This was very clearly gone over at the interview but not put before Judge Davis in a truthful manner – similarly the next is Partial Truth – “He didn’t think the ferry altered course & thought it maintained a straight course at the time – he did not see any change of course on the ferry’s part & did not see it slowing”
What was purposely omitted was that in addition to Bolton saying that, he also said “And that is what you’d expect him to have done wouldn’t you and this is why I couldn’t figure why he was still apparently coming after me – I can now tell you with absolute certainty that that is what he was doing because I couldn’t figure out why he apparently was chasing me – I did not detect him slowing down, he was going past as fast as a roll on roll off ferry would be expected to go”
Bolton also explained that incremental turns by another vessel are very difficult to detect & that is why Rule 22.8.2 states – “Any alteration of course or speed or both to avoid collision must, if the circumstances of the case allow, be large enough to be readily apparent to another vessel observing visually or by radar. A succession of small alterations of course or speed or both should be avoided.”

This would be called surreptitious
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Beware of the half truth –
the Judge was intended to get the wrong half in this case.
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Half a truth is a whole lie
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