High standards of integrity & conduct elude Crown Law & MNZ

High standards of integrity & conduct elude Crown Law & MNZ
They finish their printed Opening Address for Judge Davis by again flippantly brushing off the evidence, that M Pigneguy was 100% responsible for the incident, which Bolton gave at the Interview with MNZ …
All that evidential detail is omitted & crucial information is glossed over to mislead the Judge as to its significance.
Here is how it was written as if from the transcripts …
(a) “He maintained he was not at fault & suggested that the master of the ferry had altered course toward him & had submitted photos that did not accurately represent the distance & angle between the vessels”.
(Bolton did more than maintain & suggest that M Pigneguy was entirely responsible for creating the incident by altering course towards the path of Classique – definite proof of that was shown in the 3 photos provided by M Pigneguy & plottings drawn.
A photo Bolton submitted was a modification of the zoomed photo 3 provided by M Pigneguy – the starboard bow & deck of Seaway was erased to show the full distance of water between the vessels as being 50 – 80 mtrs, considering the actual clearance had been distorted by M Pigneguy’s zooming)
(b) “He claimed that the skipper of the ferry created the last resort situation by continuing to steer towards him & not maintaining his course”
(Bolton showed unequivocally within the 3 photos provided by M Pigneguy that Seaway had indeed artificially manufactured the situation by incrementally steering towards Classique.
This was verified by Barry Young & Julian Joy who both left out the 6 degrees Seaway turned from 286*before Photo 1 was taken.
It would appear that the incident was purposely created & the interview was just a sham for the sake of process enroute to the prosecution & conviction of the wrong skipper.

Photo 1 – 286 Deg would have Seaway steering to the cliff area just ahead of Classique
Instead, Seaway has already turned to a point North of the tall Sentinal building
Classique 1

Photo 2 – Classique’s forestay is obscuring Sentinal building
& now Seaway has turned further North onto the slope of Rangitoto
Classique 2

Photo 3 – Seaway is heading further up the slope of Rangitoto
& The Sentinal can’t be seen at all to the left,
such has been the turning towards the path of Classique
This photo has been zoomed & has a false impression of proximity
Classique 3-1


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