The decision by the Manager of Investigations on behalf of MNZ to not prosecute the master involved in a serious harm collision sends a very confusing message to the maritime and leisure marine industry in New Zealand.

This incident occurred during Auckland’s Anniversary Day regatta 2012 involving the yacht GYPSY, who had just started in the carded classic yachts event off Princes Wharf when it was T-boned and sunk by the vessel ANTAEUS under power.
(Covered in posts here starting mid January’14 “Our next break will be Anniversary Regatta Weekend” – the Post Index is useful for reference to earlier posts)

The decision to not investigate was made by a Maritime NZ duty investigator confirmed by the senior investigator in charge, as not being serious enough to warrant an investigation.

The decision was based on their new compliance approach of information, education and assistance to comply with enforcement. “It is a whole new approach to Maritime NZ’s compliance strategy and enforcement”

The end result exposes a level of public incompetence never before seen in this organisation.

Maybe the time has come when Maritime NZ should hand over its role of accident investigations to Transport Accident Investigation Commission.

The Code of Conduct for Maritime NZ, Crown Law & Ministry of Justice includes the admonition to be IMPARTIAL, to “carry out the functions of our organisation, unaffected by our personal beliefs”
The above serious case escapes an investigation whereas the “no contact, no damage” incident manufactured by M Pigneyguy to implicate yacht Classique is taken up with a vengeance by MNZ which can only described as unduly Partial because of vigilante-ism pervading their personal beliefs.
This is obvious in the misconstruing of the Interview Process printed in their Opening Address & their biased submissions to the Court for sole purpose of gaining a punitive prosecution of the wrong skipper.

Trust & Respect for MNZ & Crown Law is being severely jeopardised
by their irrational decisions
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The Undermining of Public Confidence in our Justice system
is sequential to Justice not being seen to be done.

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