Incredulously, Crown Law falsely formulate Opening Address

Incredulously, Crown Law falsely formulate their Opening Address printed for the Court
After going through the evidence presented to them by Bolton, over the period of about a year, that M Pigneguy as relieving skipper of Seaway violated every obligation he had to comply with Maritime Rules – they then say untruthfully that Bolton posed Unnecessary Danger or Risk & quoted section 65 of MTA – Dangerous Use, Rule 22.15 – Crossing Situation & Rule 22.16 Action by giveway vessel .
Then Crown Law & Maritime NZ say …
“The level of danger presented is demonstrated by 2 eyewitness accounts, both provided by professional & experienced mariners”
This refers to M Pigneguy & Phillip Sweetman & to call them eye witnesses is to misrepresent their position, as one was the creator & the other was a colluder of the incident.
Bolton was not a giveway vessel until M Pigneguy converted the category of approach by his turning towards Classique.
M Pigneguy’s claim was not checked for feasibility & as it stands, is revealing that he violated the Maritime Rules to avoid collision.
Phillip Sweetman’s account copied from the information given to him by M Pigneguy at the end of the day, was copied incorrectly & makes such a nonsense of what happened, that it is questionable whether he had any experience in navigation at all. In fact it appears as if M Pigneguy is pedantically demonstrating to him as a junior trainee how to use a camera to record the perceived errors recreational boaters perpetrate – the aim being to have photos to use in the prosecutions of the unfortunates they want to ping.
There was no independent verification of any of the claims made.
It looks clearly as if Crown Law & MNZ intended to take advantage of a nautically incompetent District Court which has no way of determining fact from fiction in maritime matters.

If the Court knew how & why this matter was being presented,
The court would certainly not be pleased to have its process abused.
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